AnyFlip-The Most Effective Magazine Maker for Brand Promotion and Online Marketing

For those who want to brand their online business, AnyFlip is a perfect solution that is specially tailored for this goal, whose Brand & Marketing features will enhance your brand and accelerate your online business to the future success.

AnyFlip is a magazine maker that is designed to introduce ease in the lives of online marketers and website owners. The software has plenty of user-friendly features including branding, E-commerce & Marketing, conversion from any Microsoft Office document, magazine shelves on websites, collaborative editing on the magazine and instant sharing of the content with anyone around the globe.

In the world of E-commerce, novelty is what attracts customers. With AnyFlip, unique and trendy catalogues can be built in the form of HTML5 magazines that allow ease of browsing to the consumer and make the brand stand out. Insertion of media content such as videos makes these magazines even more engaging and ensures the website has a high conversion rate as well. AnyFlip has a number of themes and templates that make it easier for anyone to convert boring looking content into interactive and fun looking magazines.

AnyFlip is adaptable to all screen sizes and devices and makes it easy to view things on the go. As is common knowledge that most consumers use mobile phones, AnyFlip is easily accessible on all mobile devices as well.

With secure channels, the information stored on AnyFlip is always safe. The password encryption feature allows the users to take control over whoever gets to see their content.

AnyFlip’s branding features are worth a mention, they allow logos of the brand to be placed on the magazine as well. The loading logo feature is an excellent addition to the branding of magazines. AnyFlip also allows brands to use the AnyFlip domain address for magazines which further increase the credibility of the content. Additionally, monetization features come with a Google AdSense integration, so brands can make the most of their content.

AnyFlip is efficient, easy to use and completely secure. To find out more, please visit a AnyFlip blog post.

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