AnyFlip – The Best Free Flipbook Software for Online Publishing

“AnyFlip — The Best Free Flipbook Software for Online Publishing”
Among the flipbook software, AnyFlip is regarded as the best one for online publishing, which is designed to make it easier for publishers to create a flipbook and publish it online.

AnyFlip is the recently launched free flipbook software which has gained quite a popularity among the masses. It allows the users to create free catalogues, magazines and other digital documents with flip effects that can be published online and shared over multiple media.

The free flipbook software can be used to create digital flipbooks with a variety of features and add-ons which make it eye catching and appealing to the readers. The user can drag and drop any PDF document to start creating their own flipbook without needing to have any programming or coding knowledge. The inbuilt themes, animations, effects, and templates help the user in making their digital document more interactive and engaging.

Any flip free flipbook software is designed to deliver best results while being user-friendly. It allows the user to easily zoom out/in the page for reading it conveniently. It is also SEO friendly and offers cross-browser compatibility. “AnyFlip is a free flipbook software that enables anyone to create digital documents online to promote their business/product/service. It offers a cost advantage to the businesses over regular methods of printing and takes less time and effort to create. Also, with just a few clicks, the flipbook can be used to reach to thousands of clients at the same time”, says Jason Chen, the CEO of AnyFlip.

Anyflip software offers a number of advantages over the traditional hardcopy method of printing catalogs and magazines such as it is less costly and takes much lesser time to create. The users can also insert multimedia content such as audio, video, SWF, link and others in the AnyFlip free flipbook software which otherwise is not possible to do in the hardcopy flipbooks.

The published documents can be saved on a cloud platform and shared to the target audience through email or social media in a few simple steps. The users can also get unlimited hosting and more than 120 customization options. The final document/flipbook can be viewed seamlessly on both desktop/laptop and mobile devices. For more details, please visit AnyFlip Homepage.

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