Anonymously Access Businesses’ Financial Reports via Free VPN App

The financial reports of businesses are posted on the web – whether on the company website or stock exchange forums. This became the standard ever since the modernization. This is done for the sake of easy access to information among enterprises, stockholders, and the general public.

Transparency is also a main factor why financial statements of the companies are posted on the public web space. So, whether someone needs a copy of financial reports for academic or professional research purposes or one is tasked to make another copy of those, the documents will just be one click away.

Since this is the case, it is also advantageous for the business competitors to see how the other companies did for the whole year. Also, competitors can see the strategies that the company did for the whole year to reach the target revenue. This is helpful for businesses to keep the competition tight.

Although it is a good thing that anyone can access these financial reports freely, the companies who own these documents can also trace who just viewed, read, and even downloaded their financial reports. And if a business competitor did one of these, it could possibly be a huge deal as any of these companies can tag the viewer something unpleasant.

Fortunately, there is a simple method that everyone should comply with to anonymously access businesses’ financial reports.

The impact of a VPN

What a Virtual Private Network (VPN) does is create a secure connection between the internet and the user’s device. With this, all of the user’s data will pass through the VPN tool’s encrypted virtual tunnel. As a result, all of the online information and activities of a user will be hidden from anyone on the web, even the third parties that are roaming around the cyberspace.

VPN is a huge help to those who want anonymity while surfing the web. However, since not all VPNs are created equally, users must be attentive on choosing what VPN app to download and connect to.

There are paid VPNs that give out premium VPN services for an expensive price. Most of the top-rated VPN apps fall into this category, so if one is willing to shell out some cash for a VPN, a paid VPN tool is the safest way to go.

But, if one does not want to spend money for a VPN technology, there are free VPN apps available in the virtual market. Just a reminder that users must check the VPN tool first to see whether the VPN suits them as there are a number of free VPNs that have been flagged as sketchy and ineffective.

The good news is, there is a trusted, reliable, and safe free VPN app that is perfect for anonymous browsing.

Introducing: GoingVPN

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that is perfect for online users who prefer to surf the web anonymously. With this VPN’s tight encryption process, users can guarantee their cybersecurity as no one could keep track and record whatever they are doing on the web.

This free VPN app also has a built-in lightning-speed technology that is favorable for swift browsing. This feature counters possible negative impacts of the VPN encryption, like the decrease in internet speed and slower device performance. With this premium service, no one will experience the hassle of lags and buffers.

Not to mention, GoingVPN offers unlimited data bandwidth. That means, the user’s VPN data will not expire at any given time, even if the user leaves the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ for days.


Competition in businesses is inevitable but competitors must make sure that it is done subtly and anonymously. After all, every industry is different. Still, getting inspiration from the ideas and concepts of well-established businesses would also be a huge help in growing one’s enterprise.

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

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