Animation Expert and Superheroes Fan Kenny Mack Announces Kickstarter Campaign For The Savior Chronicles Novel Project

Kenny Mack seeks funds from the Kickstarter community for his action/fantasy graphic novel project, The Savior Chronicles.

Kenny Mack, the creator of the Comic book franchise The Savior Chronicles, has launched a campaign on Kickstarter for funding his project. The graphic novel which is an action/fantasy that follows Savior Ninja Warrior a fierce vigilante with alien powers is about Bryce Rogers, music empire CEO by day and alien ninja crime fighter by night.

“I am happy to introduce you to my graphic novel featuring American Superhero Bryce Rodgers, a character you will like immensely,” says Kenny Mack, the brain behind the comic book franchise. “He is a hero of our times, leading the fight against evil forces terrorizing the community. Bryce Rodgers was developed from my love of other popular superheroes like Batman, Superman, and The Matrix and also from my passion and fascination for animation.”

Kenny Mack combines his passion and ideas together to create The Savior Chronicles. He also roped in an industry professional to illustrate the novel and then began working on other aspects of the project such as the TV pilot script and animation trailer.

The Savior Chronicles has some interesting characters that will keep the audience deeply engrossed. The main character Bryce is a savior ninja warrior who is calm and cool and has a muscular physique. He is a health conscious character with an ear for good music.

J.R Rogers is the uncle of Bryan and adopted Bryce when his parents were murdered. He sent Bryce to his friend Master Nakatashi in Japan not only for studies but also in the hope that it will help him overcome his nightmares and emotional torment. The comic element in the novel comes from Roger’s dog named Ruff.

Thrill Rogers is the deceased father of the main character and was regarded a musical genius and a mentor to artists. The music producer lost his life to tragic circumstances at a young age to Father Time. Rita Rogers is the deceased mother of Bryan and is characterized as a supportive wife and loving mother. She also lost her life tragically to Father Time.

Father Time is the villain in the novel and the most notorious criminal in The Global City. He is wanted for a series of crimes such as robbery, assault, and murder. He is physically very strong and mentally very mean and cruel.

Master Nakatashi is the guide of Bryce and communicates through a unique dial, car-based visual devices, and other gadgets. He is known for inculcating wisdom and discipline in his teachings and has the ability to levitate and communicate using telepathy.

The Kickstarter campaign will aim to raise $3000 to finance the project. The deadline for the campaign is 19 December 2017.

About The Savior Chronicles Graphic Novel:

The Savior Chronicles Vol. 1 is the effort of Kenny Mack, an animation expert with a passion for superheroes. The action/fantasy book is about Bryce Rogers, music empire CEO by day and alien ninja crime fighter by night. The character leads the fight against evil forces terrorizing the community.  

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