Angry Birds has landed on MEXC and opened BRD trading, triggering a global carnival

Recently, the circulation certificate of Angry Birds, BRD, was launched on MEXC on August 24th and trading began at 13:00 (UTC) on August 25th. As a public chain project that integrates multiple metaverse application ecosystems, Angry Birds has attracted global attention with its unique gamified design and powerful technical strength. Angry Birds is committed to creating an infinite possibility metaverse space for users, combining elements from multiple fields such as games, social media, and art to provide users with new interactive and entertainment experiences.

In the metaverse ecosystem of Angry Birds, BRD will play an important role. As the circulation certificate of Angry Birds, BRD will circulate freely throughout the entire ecosystem and provide users with a secure and efficient digital asset trading experience. The launch of BRD on MEXC will further enrich its trading ecosystem and provide users with diversified trading options. MEXC is a globally renowned cryptocurrency asset trading platform that is popular among users due to its secure and reliable trading environment and rich trading products. The launch of BRD on MEXC will provide users with a convenient trading channel and bring more investment opportunities for investors to participate in the Angry Birds ecosystem. At that time, users will be able to buy and sell BRD certificates freely on MEXC.

The founder of Angry Birds said: “We are very pleased to see that BRD is about to go online on MEXC, which has injected new vitality into our project. Angry Birds has always been committed to building a fair and decentralized web3.0 world and providing users with new gaming and entertainment experiences. Through cooperation with MEXC, we can further expand our influence and create value for more users.”

For investors, the launch of BRD on MEXC marks a new investment opportunity. Due to its extensive user base and strong technical strength worldwide, Angry Birds has become one of the most watched projects in the industry. Investors can participate in BRD transactions safely and conveniently through MEXC and share the dividends of the future development of the Angry Birds ecosystem. Angry Birds is a public chain with great potential in 2023. It will support existing metaverse applications and actively build a fair public web3.0 world with entertainment and innovation. Investors and users can expect more growth and benefits under the drive of BRD and Angry Birds. With the continuous growth and development of Angry Birds, BRD will log in to more mainstream trading platforms, continuously integrate more excellent ecological applications, form a more complete ecological system, and realize greater value.

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