Stephen Hawking said, “Pack your bags, a nuclear post apocalypse is coming!” Emmanuel Saez’s new French post-apocalyptic thriller from the end of days, ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ has us packing our suitcases.

Los Angeles, CA – April 3, 2018 – Pack your bags, a nuclear war is on the rise.

It’s been nearly two decades since America experienced The Cold War’s nuclear threats, yet present day society cannot help but fear an imminent nuclear apocalypse as today’s politics remain unstable while nuclear weapons and threats continue to exist.

Rewinding to over a millennia ago, the theme of the apocalypse has been extremely prominent. First mentioned in the Old Testament, the Book of Job and in Psalms, as well as in the New Testament’s The Book of Revelation.

Acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking stated, “Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years,” cites NY Daily’s Sarah Goodyear, mentioning several ways he proposed that humanity could self-annihilate, through changes in global climate conditions, super-viruses or even, nuclear war.

Hawking added that, in his view, we basically need to start figuring out our exit strategy now and packing our collective “go” bag, planning for the day when we have to abandon the sweet blue planet we have so thoroughly trashed,” wrote Goodyear.

As nuclear apocalypses continue their longtime trend in religions and in society’s culture of entertainment – comic books, zombie films, and tales of the undead walking the Earth – like Emmanuel Saez’s (‘Overcast’, ‘The Roads of Fear’) intelligent, French post-apocalyptic thriller from the end of days, ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’. 

Beginning on the day of Rome’s collapse, June 16, 2016, ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ follows the only undead remaining are six mysterious and loyal cardinals (five men and a woman) and the surviving Pope who journey from the destructed city to France, where they are revealed to be archangels sent from God.

‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ then fast-forwards to 2017, where temperatures are rising to world-records and global warming is swarming the earth whole… Remember when Hawking included change in climate on his list of ways the earth could self-annihilate? 

Saez’s post-apocalyptic thriller continues with two French police officers, David Matéry (Philippe Coste) and Sarah Bayram (Elissa Houles), who arrest a threatening, violent criminal, Paul Dose (Vincent Andres). But during the arrest, Paul suffers from cardiac arrest. Somehow he is resurrected as David and Sarah rush Paul to an intensive care unit where suddenly, the hospital’s walls begin turning patients, doctors and even Sarah into raging, vicious creatures of the living dead.

Fearing for the city and its people, David joins forces with Victoria (Sonia Perez), an archangel, Mustapha (Brice Lemaire), a Muslim warrior from Cairo, and the martyr pope men to stop the evil propagation from spreading outside the hospital into the city streets. They discover brain-imaging glasses, which detects a “dark patch” or dark spot on an individual’s frontal lobe, plaguing those who are prone to becoming violent criminals. As the evil infectious disease becomes fast spreading, will David, Victoria, Mustapha, and the remaining survive in the dangers and unknowns of the post-apocalyptic world? Or, will they be doomed forever? (Hawking has us believing they could be doomed forever. He did mention that “super-viruses” could lead to the annihilation of humanity.)

‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ has sparked the resurgence of cinema’s longtime genre of zombie apocalypses and hastening the end of the world through Saez’s unique twist on the reiteration of the New Testament – Satan’s army of the dead has risen – and only the strong will survive the end of days in the post-apocalyptic world.

Now more than ever humanity should fear a nuclear apocalypse. As Hawking even mentioned the vitality of beginning to figure out an exit strategy and packing a bag “for the day when we have to abandon the sweet blue planet we have so thoroughly trashed” (Goodyear), we’ve created a step-by-step list to “Preparing, Surviving and Thriving In a Nuclear Post-Apocalyptic World”. 

Part 1 – To Prepare in Advance & Make A Plan:

Both sides of a possible nuclear apocalypse have been argued, but one thing has remained agreed upon – that a nuclear apocalypse could destruct at any given second. Here are some stock-items to put in your “go” back, necessary for even minimum survival.

1. Food — Non-perishables and canned foods last years, and food items with higher carbohydrates ensure more calories and fuel. Some food items to place in a cool, dry place could be: beans, white rice, pasta, oats and dried fruits and vegetables. (*Recommendation – do not forget to pack a can opener.)

2. Water — Best for storage and transportation, water should be stored in food-grade plastic containers, which are previously cleaned and filtered. It’s helpful to have potassium iodide and basic household bleach in arm’s reach to assist in purifying dirty, post-apocalyptic water.

3. Supplies —

– To communicate: You can limit it to a phone charger and a radio (crank or solar-powered), or remember to pack extra batteries. Or maybe try a whistle or a flare gun. Feel free to get creative.

– For medical needs: Any medicine you need, of course. As well, it’s smart to have a fully stocked first aid kit along with its booklet for assistance (assuming the average human doesn’t know how to properly take care of burns or shocks).

– Other: The obvious and essential items needed for survival, which you are most likely to forget while packing and running for your life. This includes a flashlight, wet wipes, facemasks to cover eyes and mouth, etc.

4. Knowledge is Power —  It’s most helpful to learn about the effects of a nuclear attack before the event occurs. Some things to Google while the Internet is still accessible would be radiation and radiation particles, nuclear weapons, and probably James Roberts and Mark Lawrences’ “Secrets of Survival”.

Part 2: Surviving the Actual Event

1. Seek shelter — Avoid airfields, centers of government, naval bases and cities with large populations as they have higher risks of being cleared out when the blast hits. Remain as far away from the blast location as possible, even by digging to find shelter underground or hiding inside to at least protect from radiation. Shield yourself with the heaviest and densest materials (bricks, walls).

– If you seek shelter inside: do not stand near windows, near anything flammable / combustible.

(Basically, have the blue prints for deep bomb-like shelter when you go to purchase your next house.)

2. Assess risks — Radiation and getting clean

– Radiation exposure has the potential of causing large numbers of deaths. To clean your body of the radioactive material, remove clothing that has been outside and contaminated, seal it in a plastic and throw it as far as possible.

– Take a shower, use soap, wet wipes… whatever you can find. Your goal is to remove as much radioactive material from your skin as possible, to avoid harmful and deathly “beta burns”.

3. Plan on remaining in safe shelter for at least two days —  For at least 48 hours, the Earth’s air is bound to still contain radioactive particles and fission products from the nuclear blast. Use your emergency radio to listen for updates. Keeping a high morale helps too, at least in the beginning.

We know the end of days is upon us, we just don’t know when. It’s your choice whether you will be prepared or not, but remember, only the strong and smart will survive while the weak will be obliterated in a blood-bath of frenzied violence on Earth’s destructed lands.

Watch TriCoast Entertainment’s new, U.S. release of Saez’s intelligent, French post-apocalyptic thriller from the end of days, ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ on DVD + VOD platforms: Amazon, iTunes, InDemand, Google Play, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Dish Sling, and Fandango.

Watch the trailer for ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ now: https://vimeo.com/240888620

‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ contains a rewarding cast, including Paul’s role of a dangerous criminal by first-time actor, Vincent Andres and the two invigorating roles of the police officers star Philippe Coste (Patrick Jumel’s drama play, ‘On A Frappé’, ‘Winter War’) and Elissa Houles (member of drama company, ‘Le Contrepoint Theatre’, featured in various short films). The capturing role of Victoria is by Sonia Perez (‘Rendez-vous chez Max’, ‘Overcast’, ‘Winter War’, comedian for ‘Improphile’), alongside Brice Lemaire (‘Overcast’) and Zacharie by Manuel Gonçalves (‘Overcast’, nominated Best New Actor in ‘Action on Film’ festival for David Aboucaya’s ‘Last Blues’, ‘Winter War’).

The film continues its enthusiastic cast with Jean Christophe Aubert (‘Overcast’, ‘Rough Cut’), Boniface, played by local actor Florent Hugon (‘Le Criquet’), Perè Jean Anselme by Michel Sidobre (‘1, rue du Caussanel’, ‘La Femme aux yeux rouges’, ‘Overcast’), and Laurent Cerulli (‘Overcast’, ‘Sur L’echelle De Hynek’, ‘Thanato’, ‘Inavouables’, ‘Et si je t’aime’, ‘Rough Cut’, ‘Winter War’). Alongside is David Aboucaya and also stars Anne Blanchon, Georges Spina, Katia Rodriguez, Xacier Pace, and Cyrille Rodriguez.

ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES (2017, 90 min.) Written and Directed by Emmanuel Saez. Produced by: Emmanuel Saez, Fabienne Saez, Cecile Spina. Original Music: Valentin Simonelli. US, English. TriCoast Worldwide.

Producers: Emmanuel Saez, Fabienne Saez, Cecile Spina

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