Social media or simply media society is a platform that combines technology with the power of words to improve a business’s brand awareness. It is an effective and affordable way to boost brand recognition and promote better performance. A recent study showed that the number of Internet users has risen sharply by about 276 million in the quarter of 2018. The total number of Internet users has clocked 4.087 billion and about 5.061 billion use mobile devices. These figures can’t be ignored considering that the number of social media users at the moment is approximately 3.297 billion.

The rising records indicate how critical social media is in our lives. However, one thing that social media users don’t realize is that the time they spend sending photos, messages and videos generate income for others.   How the issue can be resolved  Dominance rate is the main component of social media. Facebook is the highest rated platform followed by Twitter, You Tube and Google+ respectively among other platforms. The most exciting thing is that a majority of social media users utilize these platforms for entertainment purposes. They barely enhance them for the monetization purposes or other beneficial ways.

Amobinet is a group of investors in the field of communication technology. By leveraging the functions of digital marketing, Amobinet is capable of initiating dramatic changes in the advertisement sector. At Amobinet, our vision is to create a powerful platform that meets the changing needs of universal sharing economy. Through our platform, users of Facebook and Twitter and other social media channels can earn money using our three potent platforms which include: Shorten links Traffic exchange Video sharing

What makes us great is the user-friendliness of our platform, straightforward registration, and time saving when using common social media tools.  Amobinet is designed for anyone seeking to explore the benefits of the Internet marketing. Our platform focuses on optimizing and diversifying marketing to improve brand and label recognition, trading, local scale and global business and more. With the use of social media, we can help enterprises to link with others globally. We believe that through the creation of links, enterprises can learn and establish mutual relationships, understand competition and acquire proper media approach for proper running of business. Our platform provides easy interaction for both customers and business. In fact, this is where businesses can respond to the questions of their clients and strategize on how to serve them better.  

By exploiting our three platform on our site:

1. Shorten links

2. Video Sharing

3. Traffic exchange

Users can: 

• Market both their businesses and products. 
• Link with other people quickly
• Get feedback on the available opportunities 
• Establish great communication links with clients and businesses
• Enjoy a favorable opportunities exhibiting their rightful skills
• Access proper expense management skills and how to apply various tools
• Learn how to grow earnings and career.

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