Amlogic S905X quad core development board receives great response from customers

The newly launched DIY TV box, Amlogic S905X Quad Core Development Board has received good reviews from the customers.  The android TV box and development board are designed for those working on smart home projects, digital signage projects or hotel projects. ‘TVI’ is available in multiple models, each having different features and can be selected based on the requirements of the user.  The product features 64bit quad core processor and android version 6.0.

Some of the other features of the product include 450 GPU, LAN , EMMC available in 8GB and 16GB along with WiFi and HDMI-CEC support.  The product is compact in size and measures only 82.0 x 57.5 x 11.5 mm. TVI is also one of the first OTT boxes to use C Slot USB slot as a power supply. It has dual PD channel solutions for infrared receiver module and the DDR/EMMC use original brands such as SkHynix and Samsung.

The users are advised to follow the rules of the electrical specification, SMD with ESD and common mode choke. They also need to follow the rules of HDMI 4k specifications and adopt the independent LDO power module for supplying electricity source. Unlike most of other android TV boxes that use 4 layers PCB, the Amlogic TVI consists of 3 PCB with 6 layers for zedoary process. (here 3 is not 3PCb, it is 1,2,3, please see the attachment I sent to u carefully)

The 3 types of operating system that are used are Android 6.0, Ubuntu and openELEC. The design of TVI also features the RTC module to realize the memory of a time when the power was turned off along with the loT expansion. The user can also independently add MCU module, support the starting up the function of the device through IRM and hardware security function.

The TVI also supports power on by the alarm which allows the user to set the required time to power on as per their requirements. The expansibility factor of TVI makes it suitable for OTT+SBC and OTT+IoT as well as open source, hardware & software and technology support.  It is not limited to the secondary developers. The developers are also planning to develop a 3G/4G module, intelligent housing loT expansion modules, and several other accessories.

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Shenzhen Tomato Technology Co., Ltd is a pioneer in android tv box area in Shenzhen, China. The Amlogic S905X TVI is developed under the aegis of this company and gained the trust of many technology enthusiasts around the globe. The company is one of the first to develop and produce android TV box in Shenzhen province.  All the products are developed by a team of expert professionals that includes 30 engineers with years of experience and expertise. Apart from offering android TV box, the company also provides android mini projectors. The company is becoming pioneer in providing smart home audio and video solutions.

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