America’s School Launches to Teach Millions of Students to Become the Smartest, Hardest-working and Most Patriotic Workers on the Planet.

America's School Launches to Teach Millions of Students to Become the Smartest, Hardest-working and Most Patriotic Workers on the Planet.
To win at anything, America needs to fix how the upcoming workforce is being educated; this is what America’s School does.

AUSTIN, TX – The United States has not always been a superpower. The United States’ rise since WWII includes one unquestionable component – the education system, spurred by national security and economic prosperity concerns, produced the brightest people who created things that were superior to those anyone else made anywhere else in the world. However, the United States can fall from this position in only a fraction of the time it took to get here – just like many other superpowers before. 

Generations unfamiliar with the past, generations who have only known the U.S. as the greatest country in the world, seem overly confident, content, and complacent in assuming the U.S. will always be so. But the signs of an imminent fall are evident. The canary in the coal mine is American education.

“We used to have the smartest, hardest working, and most patriotic workers on the planet. That is what made America the world’s superpower after WW2,” states Dr Tom Reed, America’s School President. “Our education system has failed to value basic principles of excellence and pride in student performance for decades. Now we’re constantly losing ground to countries like China on international assessments, and instead of showing genuine outrage and demanding better, education leaders explain away tests as irrelevant.”

Comparing America’s education outcomes to the rising superpower, China, reveals red flags. At the highest level of education attainment, as reported in Forbes Magazine in 2021, Chinese universities have surpassed U.S. institutions in graduating STEM PhDs, and based on current trends, the gap will only grow wider in the years to come. By 2025, the number of Chinese STEM PhDs is expected to be twice that of U.S. graduate students.

There is a similarly disturbing trend in elementary and middle schools as well. The most recently published results from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) show U.S. students’ scores plummeting by 13 points in math to their lowest score ever. Meanwhile, Chinese students have consistently scored well above U.S. students (New York Post).

All of these factors taken together suggest one basic conclusion: American students, from elementary school to grad school, may no longer be the brightest, and there is no reason to believe future generations will reverse that trend if the United States continues to rely on an education system that accepts mediocrity and is failing kids, communities, and country.

In Chip War: The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology, author Chris Miller reminds citizens that all future wars will be won or lost based on designing, producing, and controlling the technology that powers the world–the microchip. The new front on the battlefield is technology, and whoever has the brightest people building the most and the best stuff will win.

The semiconductor industry is a great example. Sixty years ago, the U.S. produced the brightest engineers who created this industry, propelling the U.S. as the leader of the free world. The brightest, hardest working, and most patriotic people create the best things – in this case, semiconductors. But the U.S. has outsourced nearly all manufacturing of chips to Asia, and this chasm in the supply chain reared its ugly head during Covid.

Semiconductors have become more valuable than oil itself. They will become even more relevant in a world managed by artificial intelligence (A.I.). The chip war is real and will determine who ends up being the world superpower over the next 50 years and how well people will live in America. The American dream and communist rule don’t mix well. Both want to lead the world – only one will win.

The U.S.’s global leadership position in technology is precarious. The U.S. needs to re-engineer its education system to train students once again to be the best in the world – and then everything else can layer on top of that.

On the other side of the Pacific, China has invested massively in an education system that prepares its citizens en masse to create better technology and use it to further the Chinese agenda across the globe. 

The real problem is that brilliant American chip executives are assuming the education system will continue to do what it’s been doing for the past century – creating students and scientists that are the smartest, most hardworking, and most patriotic in the world. The massive fault line is this: the U.S. education system has failed to keep pace with other developed countries in preparing an educated, motivated, hi-tech workforce. And while people can try to explain test results away, K-12 results don’t lie. America has a culture of education that has lost its way in just a few short decades. 

American citizens now seem more concerned about ensuring kids feel like they’ve won without putting in the work it takes to win. As legendary Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi extolled, “The will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win.” On every state, federal, and international metric, America is creating upcoming waves of new workers who aren’t as prepared as most students in China.

Reversing this trend is the new American imperative: America must not accept second place to China or any other nation.

America’s School’s objective is to reverse this trend now before America gets bypassed as the world’s superpower. America has to do something different to get different results. 

America’s School works with local schools and the federal government as it delivers the learning and skills that need to happen across the country that will ensure national security and the ability to win future wars. It complements schools as a “bolt-on” supplement that delivers academic, social, and healthy deliverables to schools while maintaining their autonomy. 

It’s kid-driven, game-based learning – like Fortnite for education. All it will take is for the kids to play 30 minutes per school day engaging in learning and experiencing the life-skills of success that drive success on academic, social and economic fronts. The goal is not to  replace existing education, but to enhance it so it can do what is necessary for kids to succeed. All of this can happen without any additional teacher or classroom time, AND it works on the Chromebook. This is massively scalable.

It is powered by Heroic Game Day, which has been in the making for the past decade, using technology (game-based learning, data-driven intelligence, and blockchain) to connect, engage, and deliver world-leading academic, social, and health results that will retain America’s leadership position in the world. 

“This is an extremely scalable education system that can educate one child with the same effectiveness as it can with a million,” states Heroic Game Day President Scott Dow. “We know if a student spends 30 mins per day in the game, they will not only become proficient in the Top 20 critical life skills, but they will also become proficient at their math and reading state tests”.

It complements the traditional education system and integrates where necessary. Everyone wins – the student, the family, the community, and the country. Partnerships like the America’s Chips initiative provide the right learning content that kids need to learn. 

“The Industry leaders become the ‘mentors’ to the students who are allowed to stand on the shoulders of the greatest generation of scientists and innovators the world has ever known,” states Mike Ward, CEO of L.A. Semiconductor. “This becomes a real integration of the real world and the kids’ digital world – a great warmup act for the world they are going to live in.”

This is a model of what can be done in all industries that require the best workforce in the world. America needs to start now.

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About America’s Schools

America’s School is an universally accessible federally funded platform that delivers the learning and skills that the majority of a future American workforce will need to strengthen national security and the ability to win the future wars. America’s School complements traditional education as a complementary “bolt-on” solution that delivers academic, social and healthy deliverables to schools while maintaining their autonomy. It is powered by Heroic Game Day which has been in the making for the past decade, basically using technology (game-based learning, data driven intelligence and blockchain) to connect, engage and deliver world leading academic, social and health results that will retain America’s leadership position in the world. Our mission is to provide every K-12 student with the opportunity to learn the skills of success and become the best in the world.

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