Alexis Cleoford’s New Book Details Two Cats’ Exciting Search for An Ancient Golden Egg to Save Easter

The ideal Easter book present will be released between the 16th and 18th of April for free to the public this holiday

Alexis Cleoford releases Cats’ Easter Escape: Cats, Racoons, And the Golden Egg, the 7th book in the Mighty and Brennon book series. The 32-paged book chronicles the adventure of Mighty and Brennon who journey across a mountain and river in the search of the ancient gold egg, closely pursued by wild animals. They receive terrible news that the Easter Bunny is missing and are now set in a race against time to save the Easter Bunny and find the golden egg before it becomes too late. The fate of a fun Easter lies in these kitties’ paws.

The middle-grade comedy book which is currently #1 in children’s Easter books on Amazon provides a fresh perspective from the eyes of a cat as the series progresses like an illustrated diary. The book was solely available to subscribers for the past two years. Fortunately, it will be released for free on Amazon from the 16th of April to the 18th of April- just in time for Easter. There are also giveaways and book freebies throughout the year for lucky readers.

The book aims to garner the attention of readers aged 45 to 65 who live in the Pacific Northwest, people who may be retired, young children and people who are young at heart.

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About Alexis Cleoford

Alexis Cleoford has written and published over 7 books since 2017. Her first book in the Mighty and Brennon series, Real Hamsters Don’t Bite, was ranked 5 stars by Reader’s Favorite. She is an acclaimed writer of children’s books and young adult romance short stories.

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