Airwheel S8 Standing and sitting Electric Scooter, Wings for Safe Transportation

Recently, the safety of self-balancing electric scooters has attracted great attention from governments and citizens due to the frequent occurrence of accidents. Airwheel S8, a new self-balancing electric scooter pays much attention to safety in parts design and operation.

Recently, online websites such as Amazon and has withdrawn many self-balance scooters from the shelves because of poor qualities. Frequent accidents of some brands occur due to abnormal function of parts and other potential dangers. However, Airwheel is committed to quality control in every step and finding new ideas to make operation easier and safer. Airwheel S8 electric scooter with seat is newly developed and has gained good customer feedback.

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Airwheel has a strict quality control system covering materials selection, production, inspection and packaging. Besides, it has various testing equipment to guarantee the quality of every part. After the complete model is finished, trial riding is also conducted to test the performance. Every employee shoulders great responsibility to keep the best quality. They think a vehicle without safety is like an eagle without wings. They must focus on every detail to eliminate all danger potentials.

balancing 2 wheel scooter

Also, Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped self balance scooter has many innovations to guarantee safety. First, it is designed with a saddle to reduce the gravity center. The lower the gravity center is, the safer the rider will feel. Besides, it is much easier to learn. The rider just needs to sit on the saddle to control the scooter. Compared with other standing posture vehicles, Airwheel S8 will make the rider feel relaxed and secure psychologically. The rider tend to have wrong operation with the standing posture scooter in emergency because of stress and deferred reaction. However, Airwheel S8 resolves the problem. During riding, if there are dangers ahead, the rider just needs to touch the ground with the foot and the scooter can stop immediately.

The rider can also stand on Airwheel S8 two wheeled electric scooter. Its unique C-shape operation bar design increases the bearing capacity. Also, the bar is adjustable to adapt to different heights of the riders. According to Lily’s feedback, a visitor in CeBIT expo in Germany, “The trial riding of Airwheel S8 is wonderful and I feel secure and comfortable when sitting on it.”

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