Airwheel Release New Electric Bike-R3 Foldable Electric Assist Bike

Unlike the tiny and exquisite E3, Airwheel R3 is the iron of man in Airwheel family and is well recognized for its three ride modes as well as tremendous speed and performance. Let’s welcome another “tough guy” in Airwheel—R3 citizen folding electric bike.

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Different from the tiny and delicate design style of E3 backpack e bike, Airwheel R3 electric assist bicycle impresses riders with three ride modes as well as tremendous speed and performance. To begin with, R3 folding electric assist bike is equipped with two large-sized wheels reaching 14 inch, and the two large wheels give the sense of power and strength. Besides, the entire bodywork made of aluminum alloy looks sturdy and durable, which is favored by many male riders. The foldable parts makes R3 lighter, harder, more durable and stylish, which greatly improves the riding experiences.

R3 folding electric assist bike 

Also, R3 electric folding bike is also well recognized for its large speed and strong momentum, which plays an important role in the realization of speedy and thrilling riding. It is powered by premium battery with the maximized battery capacity of 214.6wh, and the huge battery capacity is able to provide sufficient power supply. Thanks to the fine-quality battery, Airwheel R3 can easily speed up and reach a high speed. Moreover, the tremendous battery performance realizes the enough power because R3is also featured by the strong momentum and can easily hurtle up a rank. Moreover, it adopts UBS port as its charging port. UBS port serves to transmit the data but also charge the external devices as a power source.

R3 electric folding bike 

Most importantly, Airwheel R3 realizes three ride modes. In power-assisted mode, there are 0-11 gears for riders. In man-powered mode, you can build up body. In electricity-assisted mode, riders are able to enjoy a labour-saving riding experience. Also, R3 electric moped bike has its App realizing multi functions. Consumers reflect now not only computers, car, phones and household articles step into the era of intelligence, but the electric bikes also becomes intelligent.

R3 portable electric bike 

Both the speed and passion can be well reflected in Airwheel R3, and riders can feel the strong power inside the sturdy R3. Riding becomes an exciting activity, and riders can totally enjoy different riding style with R3 portable electric bike.

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