Airwheel H3S Folding Electric Wheelchair Has Uncovered A New Chapter Of Wheelchair Development

For Airwheel and the whole electric wheelchair sector, H3S is a quantum leap. H3S has reached a new milestone: ergonomic handlebar controller, the latest generation saddle, App, and long range on a single charge.

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An electric vehicle built to dominate the urban landscape, the Airwheel H3S portable electric wheelchair is a concept that will completely rethink the way people who are wheelchair-bound face city streets. Minimalist industrial design and customized wheels are the distinct features of the first Series H model. However, its design simplicity does not forego unparalleled riding comfort, guaranteed by the cutting-edge materials with which the saddle is designed, and a structure capable of dealing with any type of road.

The most outstanding feature of Airwheel H3S lightweight folding wheelchair is the automatic folding system, by pushing one button to fold and unfold it. With the folding size of 790 X 630 X 370mm,, H3S is easy to store. It offers a new sitting-posture riding pattern. A cosy and wide saddle is mounted onto the H3S Electric Wheelchairs. Instead, they are able to sit on the saddle while putting their feet on the board and hands on the handlebar controller. Riders will never feel fatigued, even if riding for a long time. As a key part of the Airwheel H3S’s design, the handlebar controller leaves nothing to chance: ergonomic handlebar controller provides an easy operation, imparting a feeling of greater safety when riding, and the smart phone App provides all vehicle status information in real time.

What is more, the shock absorber strut incorporated in the H3S smart electric wheelchair’s frame allows you to take on all types of road surfaces, from smooth riding city streets to more uneven off-road routes, remarkably absorbing any oscillations.

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And with eight-fold battery protections, Airwheel H3S Electric Wheelchair is to safeguard your every riding. To sum up, the electric wheelchair family seems to have a breath-taking member upon release of H3S. The appearance of H3S automatic electric wheelchair has uncovered a new chapter of the wheelchair development, which will definitely embraces even more ground-breaking features and improvements.

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