Airwheel C5 Smart sport Helmet Keeps People Warm in the winter

In the freezing winter, Airwheel intelligent helmet, with considerate detail design will warm its riders both physically and psychologically. Each day is worthy of expectation and hope.

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Even the cold temperature can’t stop some people’s riding enthusiasm. They are immersed in the activity and feel the pleasure in doing it every day. But in winter, wearing an Airwheel smart helmet C5 seems to be more necessary. It can help people enjoy a safe and sound journey.

Wearing the intelligent helmet can in some way keep the head warm against the wind. Though Airwheel C5 Smart helmets may not be so warm and comfortable than a wool hat in winter, it is definitely tougher in case of collision. It is made of high quality materials, with equivalent crush resistance as Nokia polycarbonate. The gadget weighs only 425g, highly elevated wearing comfortability.      

Bluetooth helmet

Airwheel C5 has blazed a new trail between modern and traditional helmets. It has been equipped with HD camera lens and Bluetooth devices. The high-performance lens is able to present high-contrast and high-resolution shooting performance. It can record every moments of the journey, good or bad. The 150°view-shed accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or videos. It is able to work in -20-50℃ and keep riders safe under harsh environment. The recorded video is vital in face of traffic accidents. The Bluetooth helmet can also be connected to the phone, thus enabling music playing and phone answering functions. The integrated Bluetooth speaker can help riders to enjoy music and meanwhile hear the external sound.

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Anyway, safety must come first on the road. In the freezing winter morning, the journey can be accompanied with some sweet music and the lingering music will keep riders warm and positive all day. Sometimes, it is dangerous to answer phone calls on the bikes. But Airwheel C5 helmet camera has simplified the process. Just press the phone answering button on the helmet and riders can have a clear call. They two hands are freed and can hold the handle bar tight.

The best way to keep warm in winter is exercise. Why not ride a bike and wear an intelligent helmet C5 to start a day? Airwheel can lead riders to enjoy the pure and original pleasure.

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