AiBB offers fast and secure convert crypto to FIAT

The courses of the popular cryptocurrencies are growing and the cryptomoney owners become richer. Now it is not only by words. Today almost everybody something knows about cryptocurrency. If earlier having 10 bitcoins did not make you the richest person, now it means that you are able to get more and earn more. But there is a serious problem which every trader might come across. It is the best way of the crypto getaway.

Making transactions traders always think about the benefits of such an exchange, the reliability of the source and the convenience of the process. The gain involves getting the largest amount for a currency unit among possible. Reliable way of cashing will ensure the safety of money in the process of conversion and “delivery” to the owner. As for convenience, the money obtaining process should be quick and easy. Often high transaction speed plays the main role in choosing the kind of exchanging.

Using cryptocurrency exchanges you can have the exchange or the sale of both crypto and traditional money. Among the minuses are the high commission and the long term of the process. Exchange services are the first thing that internet searching offers to getaway the crypto currency. However, reliable exchangers with profitable exchange rates often may not have the necessary currency reserve. Also it is possible to cash out cryptocurrency with the help of private persons but this is the most risky way, usually ending with losses.

Anyway, every transfer of the FIAT money to the crypto often becomes a serious barrier.

AiBB is a built-in payment gateway which means fast converting FIAT to Crypto and vice versa. AiBB offers fast and secure convert crypto to FIAT though exchange layer and depositing it into user’s IBAN. IBAN is the customers’ own bank account which makes possible to send money to any contact or bank account around the world. Users also can instantly move funds from crypto to FIAT and vice versa. Funds can be accepted for goods and services which is very useful for the freelance workers. Using AiBB platform you will get the high transaction speed and the secure process.


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