Advantages of Airwheel H3S intelligent robot wheelchair

Airwheel H3S shows a brand-new trip mode for the physically inconvenienced and also for the people who have a poor constitution. Among so many brands of power chairs, what kind of advantage does Airwheel H3S offer?

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Airwheel electric scooter is a revolutionary, eco-friendly device that merges energetic efficiency with the new mobility concept of the future, which allows anyone to reach any destination without time or space restrictions. Airwheel not only considers the needs of the majority, but also the minority, like the senior citizens. H3S Electric Wheelchair is customized for them.

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Airwheel H3S is one of the most convenient, innovative, and portable power wheelchairs on the market. It is made of a durable lightweight aluminum alloy that supports passengers weight of up to 130kg. The chair only weighs 33kg which makes it convenient for transport, travel and storage. The H3S folding electric wheelchair also folds and unfolds in second with a push of a button. It will easily fit in the trunk of most vehicles allowing you the freedom to do the things you enjoy.

Airwheel H3S robotic chair

Designed to empower confidence, and engineered to pursue life’s pleasure. The Airwheel H3S will complement your every move, from outdoor adventures to indoor activities. H3S motorized chair adopts 12.5 inch rear tires and 8 inch front tires that are specially designed to conquer different road conditions. Also, thanks to the DC brush motor and quality and pollution free lithium battery, it offers comfortable and stable riding experience even on the bumpy road.

Airwheel H3S robot wheelchair

In order to give users smarter riding experience, there is a made-to-measure App for H3S automatic visual following wheelchair. Such an App can be installed in the phone and users can gain the real-time state. What makes H3S is able to compete with other power chairs in the market also lies in the new feature auto-follow, in addition to other features. Its built-in camera can recognize its owner and follow them automatically, which is a great convenience and also adds much fun during the journey. Enjoy greater peace-of-mind and independence, and receive premium support with the embedded intelligent innovations, such as the very latest in Bluetooth controls and mobile app connectivity.

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