Advantages of Adding Fluorine-Free PPA in Artificial Grass Manufacturing.

Advantages of Adding Fluorine-Free PPA in Artificial Grass Manufacturing.

Artificial grass adopts the principle of bionics, which makes the sportsman’s foot feeling and the rebound speed of the ball very similar to the natural grass. The product has wide temperature, can be used in high cold, high temperature and other extreme climate areas. And used as all-weather field, Completely unaffected by rain or snow, has good water permeability, especially suitable for training time is long, the use of high frequency of stadiums and primary and secondary school sports field.

Artificial grass is mostly made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), but also polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyamide (PA). The height of the grass varies from 8mm-75mm to meet different sports needs. Compared with natural grass, the unique natural attributes of artificial grass make it far better than natural grass in both appearance and usage.

However, artificial grass in the manufacturing process will encounter many processing difficulties, such as raw materials in the extrusion process will appear surface roughness, deformation or fracture and other defects. So there are many cases that manufacturers will add some processing aids in the processing of raw materials of artificial grass, including PPA (Polymer Processing Additive), adding PPA (Polymer Processing Additive) can play several important roles in the manufacturing process of artificial grass:

  • Improvement of melt breakage: It can reduce the internal friction within the resin molecules in plastics processing, increase the melt rate and melt deformability, and reduce melt breakage.
  • Improve lubrication performance: PPA can reduce the melt viscosity in the production of artificial grass, improve the fluidity of the material, make the production process smoother and improve the efficiency of extrusion.
  • Improve weather resistance: Artificial grass in outdoor environment needs to withstand long time sunshine, rain, temperature change and other natural factors erosion. Adding PPA can improve the weather resistance of artificial grass material and make it more durable.

For a long time, manufacturers of raw materials for artificial grass have added fluorinated PPA, but with the proposed ban on fluoride, finding alternatives to fluorinated PPA has become a new challenge.


In response, SILIKE has introduced a PTFE-free alternative to Fluorine-based PPA — a PFAS-free polymer processing aids (PPA). This Fluorine-free PPA MB, PTFE-free additive is an organically modified polysiloxane masterbatch that utilizes the excellent initial lubrication effect of polysiloxanes and the polarity of the modified groups to migrating and acting on the processing equipment during processing. 

Especially, SILIKE SILIMER 5090 is a Fluorine-free processing additive for the extrusion of plastic material with PE as the carrier launched by our company. It is an organic modified polysiloxane masterbatch product, which can migrate to the processing equipment and have an effect during processing by taking advantage of the excellent initial lubrication effect of polysiloxane and the polarity effect of modified groups. A small amount of dosage can effectively improve the fluidity and processability, reduce die drool during the extrusion, and eliminate the melt rupture,  widely used to improve the lubrication and surface characteristics of plastic extrusion, environmentally friendly while increasing production and product quality.

The key of SILIKE SILIMER-5090 Non-fluoropolymer processing additive applications in wire& cable, pipe, and other multiple end-use applications as well. SILIMER-5090 Fluorine-free PPA MB — the perfect solution for PFAS and fluorine-free alternatives.

With SILIKE SILIMER 5090 additives, despite the absence of fluorine, this innovative PFAS and fluorine-free additive maintains or even enhances the performance characteristics of artificial grass. It offers durable and UV stability comparable to traditional PPA additives, manufacturers contribute to the creation of artificial grass products that are safer for both consumers and the environment!

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