AdHang Launches Mobile App Marketing Services – Robustly Boosting App Downloads & Revenue in Africa

AdHang Launches Mobile App Marketing Services - Robustly Boosting App Downloads & Revenue in Africa

A digital marketing agency based in Lagos, Nigeria, AdHang has been in operation for over a decade and gained the reputation of being one of the summa cum laude digital marketing companies in the world. The company has launched mobile app marketing services – this is part of AdHang’s endeavor to cater to an ever-diversifying industry. Via AdHang’s mobile app marketing, businesses will reach their target audience in Nigeria and Africa, generate awareness and educate the target users which in turn will encourage and increase downloads, establish the app brand in Nigeria and achieve the intended online advertising goal.

What sets AdHang apart from other online marketing companies is their understanding of the ins and outs of app marketing that has Nigeria as the focal point and target area. With their mobile app marketing strategies in place, they do a SWOT analysis first up to get the idea of where the app stands among all the other apps that have Nigeria as the target and what trajectory it needs to go. Inherently, apps are subject to stages – introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Apps can have either stage manifesting in different countries – this is the result of marketing done differently in these different countries. AdHang’s mobile app marketing streamlines this and ensures organic growth and perpetual maturity.

When a client chooses to do app marketing with Adhang’s mobile app marketing services, they are making a deal with a seasoned marketing expert team. Using cutting-edge digital marketing and tactical techniques, AdHang will establish an app brand, fight competition off, drive forward business growth and accomplish the particular app’s advertising goals within the width and breadth of Nigeria and the African continent for that matter – the goals rely on the KPIs, that comprise of profits, downloads, sales, signups and rate of enquiries among others. AdHang also promotes brand recognition, signup and download frequencies in Nigeria as well across all the other African countries.

There are 5 general objectives that Adhang applies in their application of mobile app marketing services. First is informing whereby awareness of an app is created and eventually, the educated masses become potential users that gradually establish the brand. Then they persuade which involves stimuli contained in action like the apps’ download and web based signups that would subsequently increase demand. The other 3 objectives are Remind, Reinforce and Optimize which are equally important.

AdHang makes a client’s mobile app gain traction in its market/industry and make it popular in Nigeria by their mobile app marketing services. AdHang’s mobile app marketing techniques are any gadget compatible – desktop or mobile and it will help businesses achieve their goals.

AdHang is among the top digital marketing agencies in the world, with over a decade of experience, and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa. With their mobile app marketing services, AdHang took on a service expansion within the digital marketing industry. Due to AdHang’s over a decade experience in helping Nigerian companies with digital marketing, they are the go-to company to get all the niche digital marketing services.

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