A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense Announces Rebrand to ACT Self-Defense

Introducing the New Face, New Name, and Future of A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense

PHOENIX, AZ – June 3, 2019 – Since 2017, A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defensehas been providing both brief and comprehensive women’s self-defense training to women and girls age 10 and up.  Now that A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense is providing both men’s self-defense training and self-defense training for everyone, it has unveiled a new name, a new logo and a new website as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense is now known as ACT Defense.

The new ACT Self-Defense men’s defense seminar is designed for all men and boys age 10 and up. The curriculum, which addresses the dynamics of both asocial and social violence, prepares men and boys to avoid violent conflicts and equips them physical self-defense techniques to escape if needed. The new ACT Self-Defense for Everyone seminar is appropriate for everyone age 10 and up. This seminar focuses on asocial violence, touches on social violence, and equips them physical self-defense techniques to escape if needed.

ACT Self-Defense will continue to deliver women’s self-defense brief seminars and comprehensive workshops that improve awareness, instill confidence, and arm women with tactics to both de-escalate confrontations and physically defend themselves.

“Our belief is that the world would be a less violent place if everyone had the benefit of a quality education in risk awareness, verbal self-defense, and basic physical self-defense,” said Barbara “Brutal Barb” Atkinson, lead instructor for the ACT Self-Defense programs. “All of our self-defense classes provide a holistic education in the dynamics of violence, how to reduce the likelihood you will be a victim, and how to effectively physically defend yourself if required,” she added. The growth of ACT Self-Defense allows for providing coherent, relevant self-defense training for a growing audience.

The basic ACT Self-Defense curriculum emphasizes an education in the dynamics of both asocial and social violence. This empowers participants to better able to identify an assault risk manifesting, as well as equipping them with tactics for diffusing and escaping before the aggression becomes physical. The physical self-defense techniques taught in the ACT Self-Defense curriculum have been carefully selected from numerous martial arts based on their ease of learning and effectiveness.

Further information on ACT Self-Defense can be found by visiting the new website at ACTSelfDefense.org. Join us in conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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