Acromegaly Market Size in the 7MM is Expected to Grow by 2032 | DelveInsight

Acromegaly Market Size in the 7MM is Expected to Grow by 2032 | DelveInsight

DelveInsight’s ‘Acromegaly Market Insights, Epidemiology, and Market Forecast – 2032’ report delivers an in-depth understanding of Acromegaly historical and forecasted epidemiology as well as the Acromegaly market trends in the United States, EU4 (Germany, France, Italy, and Spain), the UK, and Japan.


Key Takeaways from the Acromegaly Market Research Report

  • The increase in Acromegaly Market Size is a direct consequence of the increasing patient population and anticipated launch of emerging therapies in the 7MM.
  • As per DelveInsight analysis, the Acromegaly market is anticipated to witness growth at a considerable CAGR.
  • The leading Acromegaly Companies working in the market include Amryt, Chiasma, Recordati, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharma, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Camurus, Ionis Pharmaceuticals and others.
  • Promising Acromegaly Pipeline Therapies in the various stages of development include octreotide FluidCrystal® injection depot, IONIS GHR-LRx, Somatostatin Receptor Ligand (SRL), Paltusotine, and others.
  • March 2024: Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced a study of Phase 3 clinical trials for Paltusotine. A randomized, placebo-controlled study designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of paltusotine (formerly CRN00808; an oral selective nonpeptide somatostatin receptor type 2 biased agonist) in subjects with non-pharmacologically treated acromegaly.
  • March 2024: Camurus AB announced a study of Phase 3 clinical trials for CAM2029 (octreotide subcutaneous depot). The purpose of this trial is to assess the long-term safety and efficacy of CAM2029 in patients with acromegaly. Patients will be administered CAM2029 subcutaneously once monthly during 12 months. Patients fulfilling trial NCT04076462 will be offered to continue with open-label treatment week 24-52 in this trial. Patients completing the main part of the trial will be offered 52 weeks continued open-label treatment in an extension part.


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Acromegaly Overview

Acromegaly is a rare disorder caused by excessive growth hormone production (GH), most commonly from an adenoma of the anterior pituitary gland. is usually a slow-progressing disorder, with onset usually in the third or fourth decade of life.


Acromegaly Epidemiology Insights

The epidemiology section of Acromegaly offers insights into both historical and current patient populations, as well as forecasted trends across seven major countries. This section aids in understanding the factors behind present and projected trends through analysis of various studies and input from key opinion leaders. Additionally, this portion of the market report provides information on the diagnosed patient pool, trends, and underlying assumptions. Acromegaly epidemiology segmentation is given below-

  • Total Acromegaly Diagnosed prevalent Cases
  • Total Acromegaly Treated Cases
  • Total Acromegaly Tumor origin-specific Cases
  • Total Acromegaly Gender-specific Cases
  • Total Acromegaly Tumor size Cases


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Acromegaly Treatment Market Landscape

Acromegaly treatment include symptom relief, tumor control with the maintenance of pituitary function, biochemical normalization of GH/IGF-1, and reversal of the excess morbidity and mortality associated with the disorder. Current modalities of treatment available include surgery, medical therapy, and radiotherapy. Treatment is complex, and more than one modality is frequently required to achieve treatment goals.


Acromegaly Emerging Treatment Options

  • CAM-2029/octreotide subcutaneou s depot Camurus
  • Paltusotine Crinetics pharmaceuticals


Acromegaly Market Insights

The rising awareness about acromegaly and an increase in the rates of screening are among the prime driver of the acromegaly treatment market. Advancements in medications, which include the development of antagonists, such as somatostatin analogues, dopamine agonists and GH receptor antagonists, which are the synthetic forms of natural hormones that restrict the production of GH, is driving the Acromegaly Treatment market. Overall, the launch of upcoming novel therapies and increasing awareness will fuel the market during the forecast period, 2019–2032.


Acromegaly Drugs Uptake

  • Paltusotine (formerly known as CRN 00808), Crinetics pharmaceuticals lead product candidate, establishes a new class of oral, selective, non-peptide, SST2 agonists designed for the treatment of acromegaly. It is designed to reduce excess GH secretion from benign pituitary tumors and normalize IGF-1 levels in patients with acromegaly. Somatostatin is a neuropeptide hormone that broadly inhibits the secretion of other hormones, including growth hormone, or GH, from the pituitary gland. Acromegaly arises from a benign pituitary tumor that secretes excess GH that in turn causes excess secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1, or IGF-1, by the liver. This loss of homeostasis in the GH axis results in excess tissue growth and other adverse effects throughout the body.
  • CAM2029 is a ready-to-use, long-acting subcutaneous injection depot based on the active substance octreotide formulated with Camurus’ proprietary Fluid Crystal injection depot technology. It is provided as a prefilled syringe, thus not requiring any reconstitution or conditioning before administration. Due to the superior ease of handling and administration, CAM2029 can be conveniently administered by the patients themselves. It was developed for the treatment of acromegaly and neuroendcrine tumors. The product candidate offers important potential advantages over currently marketed products, including easy administration, significantly increased bioavailability, and potential for enhanced treatment efficacy in patients for whom current treatments provide suboptimal treatment effects.
  • Cimdelirsen, formerly known as IONIS-GHR-LRx, is a ligand-conjugated (LICA) investigational antisense medicine designed to reduce the production of the growth hormone receptor (GHr) to decrease the circulating level of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is a hormone primarily produced in the liver that plays an important role in childhood growth and has anabolic effects in adults. The drug is under Phase II trial, assessing the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of IONIS-GHR-LRx subcutaneous (SC) injection as monotherapy (NCT04522180).


Major Acromegaly Companies

Several acromegaly companies working in the market include Amryt, Chiasma, Recordati, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharma, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Camurus, Ionis Pharmaceuticals and others.


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Scope of the Acromegaly Market Research Report

  • Coverage- 7MM
  • Study Period- 2019-2032
  • Acromegaly Companies- Amryt, Chiasma, Recordati, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharma, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Camurus, Ionis Pharmaceuticals and others.
  • Acromegaly Pipeline Therapies- octreotide FluidCrystal® injection depot, IONIS GHR-LRx, Somatostatin Receptor Ligand (SRL), Paltusotine, and others.
  • Acromegaly Market Dynamics: Acromegaly Market Drivers and Barriers


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Table of Content

1. Key Insights

2. Report Introduction

3. Acromegaly Market Overview at a Glance

4. Executive Summary of Acromegaly

5. Key events

6. Disease Background and Overview

7. Methodology

8. Epidemiology and Patient Population

9. Patient Journey

10. Marketed Therapies

11. Acromegaly Emerging Therapies

12. Acromegaly: Seven Major Market Analysis

13. KOL Views

14. SWOT Analysis

15. Unmet Needs

16. Acromegaly Market Access and Reimbursement

17. Appendix

18. DelveInsight Capabilities

19. Disclaimer

20. About DelveInsight


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