Access Funding Center Announces New Headquarters

Company continues to help businesses transform consumer contracts into income!

May 4, 2016 – Greenville, SC, United States – Access Funding Center is pleased to announce that they have chosen a new location for their headquarters. The company has changed its location to Greenville, South Carolina, and the company’s new phone number has also been unveiled. Customers can reach the Access Funding Center team at 864-603-3539.

Access Funding Center was launched in 1999 and has been offering business consulting services  to all U.S. States.  This move does not mean that they will only serve the locations in the Greenville, SC, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA areas, but it allows them to serve their clients from all states in a better fashion. 

According to company’s spokesperson, LC Cicone, “Our consulting service for consumer receivable financing is second to none.  Our clients rave about the perfect match of the funding sources we connected them with.  All in all, Access Funding Center with its dynamic leader were previously nominated to the Million Dollar Club and together we will help you achieve the financial goal you desire.”

Access Funding Center continues to be a consulting leader in the cash flow industry with concentration in consumer receivable financing which is also referred to as accounts receivable financing for businesses dealing with consumer contracts for both goods and services.  The company ultimately wants to help businesses all over the U.S. with financing and cash flow before they get into debt.  Access Funding Center helps businesses gain access to cash immediately so that they can take advantage of pre-orders and discounts their distributors are offering.

Businesses can simply sell their consumer contracts to receive a lump sum without having to apply for a line of credit. Access Funding Center is able to offer several types of plans – customized and flexible – in order for each business to find what it needs to receive payment immediately. Businesses no longer have to wait for payments from individual contracts over the life of each contract in order to make their assets work for them.

While Access Funding Center mostly works with consumer receivable financing, there are other options available. Access Funding Center also offers consulting with innovative loan servicing and bad debt collections programs which allow clients to work with finance companies that can help them get the most out of their customers and the value they represent.

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About Access Funding Center

Access Funding Center has been servicing businesses in all fifty U.S. states since 1999. They are a consulting service that help their clients turn their consumer receivable contracts into cash that they can use immediately.

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Company Name: Access Funding Center, Inc.
Contact Person: Anthony Cicone
Phone: 864-603-3539
Address:P.O. Box 4753
City: Greenville
State: SC
Country: United States