A survey reveals that 70% of the folks want to use CoRover – an innovative mobile based collaboration platform!

Now a days, people don’t want to talk much, they want to chat!

CoRover™ is an award winning Mobile App which provides social platform to the travellers to get connected, synergize and help each other while travelling together in a Train, Bus and Flight – worldwide.

We have group chat as well as private chat options with privacy control features. Chat works with and even without Internet! And, many other travel related features.

Current Problem

There is no platform currently where the passengers can know who is travelling with them to synergize and help each other. Importantly –there is no viable solution to chat without Internet, at the moment.

Why is this an important problem to solve

While we travel in the long distance journey we may need help from other fellow passengers to seek medicine, book, doctor, etc. or someone like-minded to talk to, and also to share the cab if going in the same route after reaching the destination city. It is difficult at times to connect and ask in-person, asking though a digital media (in a group forum) would be an easy and convenient option.

Also, during the travel sometimes signal might not be there and we may want to switch off mobile data to save battery and cost, so internet-less chat would be useful.

Can we not use any existing products

Chatting: We have WhatsApp, WeChat etc, but there we need to add the users/friends to chat, we need a solution where all the users travelling in the same train, flight or bus become the members of the group automatically.

Internet-Less Chat: We apparently don’t have an efficient solution to chat in group without using internet and mobile network. Private chat without internet is available.

Solution: CoRover

CoRover is a Mobile App – provides platform for the travellers to get connected with the co-passengers travelling together in a bus, train or flight. This can be used across the globe. We have applied patent for this. Available for Android as well as iOS users (as B2C offering).

We also have B2B offering as API/SDK & white labelled app for enterprises/developers to use our technology (Group Chat & Private Chat | Internet & Internet-Less Chat). And, many other beneficial features.

This platform makes a lot of difference to the travellers to seek help from each others esp. in case of any urgency and if travelling alone.

USP: Internet-Less Chat using Bluetooth LE & Wi-Fi Direct (P2P)


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