A New Business Development Book: Top 7 Actions To Maximise The Value of Business

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Peter Gjersoe, an executive business development manager, proudly announces the release of his new business development book titled Top 7 Actions To Maximise The Value of Your Business.

September 20th, 2016 – Brisbane, Australia – The author of Impact of the Privacy Act on Businesses and the Individual, Peter Gjersoe, proudly announces the release of his new business development book titled “Top 7 Actions To Maximise The Value of Your Business”. This eBook is specifically written for business owners who want to build and maximise the value of their business with the longer-term objective to sell it, and exit on their terms. The full book is now available for all business oriented individuals or organizations on Amazon.

Top 7 Actions To Maximise The Value of Your Business will guide readers on a Foundation of facts, Operational Expense Review, Sales and Marketing Process, Succession Planning, Governance, and how to Maintain an excellent corporate culture.

Whatever you begin in life, be it a small project, or something as big as your company; make sure you have a clear vision of what the end outcome will look like for all stakeholders.” Says Peter Gjersoe.

He further says, “One of the biggest threats to success continues to be that the majority of Business Owners are focused on working in their business, instead of on their business. By being a key part of the succession planning process, you are encouraged to develop better ‘300-foot views’ of the firm and to step away from the day-to-day involvement.”

Peter Gjersoe believes all growth happens at a speed of confidence, thereby making trust the cornerstone of business and furthermore to have a mission of adding value.

For more information about the book, visit the goo.gl/eVtqSB


Peter Gjersoe is a goal oriented, dedicated, and experienced business development manager. He created www.leanstartupmentoring.com to support his startup clients with the version of Lean Startup, a program called “FastWorks Plus.” Peter has specialised knowledge about: Recruiting and Motivating A-player sales teams, Product developments from concept to go-to-market, Evaluating and selecting businesses for acquisition, Technical, and Legal issues relating to payment transactions. He has further published some articles in Australian publications and on eZine.

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