A great Masterpiece in Portable Travel Transport Sector: Airwheel R5 Smart Assist Electric Bike

Based on advanced science and technology, portable travel transports upgrade very fast. Recently, Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is highly praised as the masterpiece in portable transport sector. It not only facilitates people’s life, but also largely improves their life quality. More importantly, it represents the future travel mainstream.

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In the modern times, advanced science and technology bring great benefit to people’s life. Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is one of the typical examples. It is never an ordinary electric bike. Basically, it covers almost all travels in people’s life. What is more, it offers excellent riding experience, high riding safety and healthy lifestyle. It is the best integration of life and travel.

Airwheel R5 electric power bike 

As the name implies, Airwheel R5 electric power bike is a travel transport. A pair of customized 16-inch tires enjoys stronger adaptability to many difficult road conditions. The specially-designed tread pattern makes tires have strong road holding capacity. On snowy days, R5 can run on road stably.

In the meantime, the high-performance wheel motor fully integrates electric power unit, transmission unit and electric brake unit into the wheel. Therefore, R5 offers both comfortable riding experience and strong power. The adopted lithium-ion battery is replaceable, which paves the way for unlimited range. If a battery can’t support the journey, people can take a spare one.

Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike 

Airwheel R5 electric assist bike provides three main riding modes, including exercising mode, electricity-powered mode and electricity-assisted mode. It is easy to understand the first two modes, for the power of R5 comes from physical strength and lithium-ion battery respectively. If people want to take exercise, exercising mode offers a good aerobic exercise. As to electricity-assisted mode, it means the power comes from rider and battery. Such a mode has 12 gears (from 0 to 11). Riders can select one according to their need. Then, riding becomes interesting.

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In addition, Airwheel R5 citizen e bike owns powerful folding system, a simple step will fold it into very small figure. It is really convenient to store. It also has an exclusive APP that can be installed in the phone. Then, many operations can be finished via the phone, such as fault self-inspection, gear regulation or real-time positioning and so on.

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