“A Good Kind of Crazy” and “Western Skies” Now on Walmart

Women’s fiction novels, “A Good Kind of Crazy” and “Western Skies,” by highly acclaimed breakout author Majken Selinder Nilsson now available through the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.

Majken Selinder Nilsson is continuing to make her mark on the world of literature in line with her goal of inspiring readers from around the globe as her two books are now available through yet another leading retailer, Walmart. The breakout author’s women’s fiction novels, “A Good Kind of Crazy” and “Western Skies,” published by Solstice Publishing, which have been enjoying rave reviews from readers worldwide, are now available on Walmart.com to reach even more lovers of the written word. 

Majken Selinder is undoubtedly making her presence known in the highly competitive book publishing market. She has stayed true to her goal of using her writing skills to inspire millions of people to enjoy their love of reading by providing thought-provoking and interesting books for all categories of adult readers. Her women’s fiction novels, “A Good Kind of Crazy” and “Western Skies” have smashed this goal, with the books becoming an almost instant success, getting accolades from readers on Amazon.com and Audible.com

A Good Kind of Crazy” is Majken Selinder Nilsson’s debut novel, where she delivers a compelling piece chronicling the rollercoaster experience of 43-year-old Kat Anderson triggered by her husband’s infidelity. The series of events following the discovery of her partner’s acts lead her to pursue a new life as she revisits her past career as a caterer on a TV set in the mountains of Canada. 

Western Skies” shows another side of Majken Selinder Nilsson’s creativity, telling the story of how Sarah marries her childhood sweetheart before her world is abruptly turned upside-down, her encounter with Joe as she tries to get her life back, and how they both take a chance on finding a different “Happily Ever After.” 

Both books look set to dominate Walmart.com, even as they continue to make an impressive impact on other retail platforms, including Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and Booksamillion.com

For more information about Majken Selinder Nilsson and her works, please visit - https://majkenselindernilssonbooks.com/. Majken Selinder Nilsson can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

About Majken Selinder Nilsson 

Majken Selinder Nilsson is a native Nevadan who started writing novels by accident as a way to deal with extreme stress in an attempt to avoid the room with the rubber wallpaper and the jacket with all of the buckles. In just nine months, she had written two full-length novels, including extensive research, and started a third.

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