8Cups Inc. Announces Launch Of Fund Raising Campaign On Kickstarter For Their Prismcups Project

8Cups Inc. goes to Kickstarter to raise funds for their Prismcups project.

8Cups Inc., the company behind Smart Cups and its technology, has announced that they have started a campaign on Kickstarter for funding the Prismcups project. Prismcups offers a smart way of managing your health by telling you what you are drinking. It can pave way for leading a healthier life.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can have a magical glass that can help you manage your health by calculating the calories in your beverage?” asks the spokesperson for 8Cups Inc. “We are delighted to present Prismcups, a smart tumbler that can measure the calories, sugar and caffeine according to the beverage and amount you drink. It is designed to help you keep track of what you are drinking without any effort.”

Prismcups is another amazing innovation from 8Cups, the smart bottle that motivates users to keep themselves hydrated by sending out alerts when there is a need to drink.

Prismcups is easy to understand and use. The magical cup has a translucent section at the lower body and interacts with the user by different colors. When the user needs to drink water, Prismcups lights up in Cyan color. It lights up in white when recognizing drinks and in magenta light to warn users when there is a potential health issue.

Prismcups has the ability to distinguish the different types of drinks such as caffè Americano to lattè, coke, orange juice and many more. The innovative cup is designed to distinguish at least 30 cups currently.

Another key feature of Prismcups is that it can record the nutrients such as sugar, and caffeine and also the calories consumed by the user for day. At the time of signing up, the user has to provide their personal body information such as height, weight, etc. By analyzing the details, the application then recommends the quantum of nutrition that the user needs to consume throughout the day.

Prismcups users can search for drinks, and even define drinks made with their personal recipe. The cup can intuitively suggest you what amount should be consumed for a month. It can also provide them with a detailed nutrition label for the personal drink.

Prismcups can get smarter with every use. The unique ID of any beverage is collected by the tumbler and sent to the server. It calculates the amount of nutrients consumed by the user from the pre-defined nutrition information of that specific beverage and shows it to the app. Prismcups distinguishes drinks in a very unique manner using visual information. RGB codes are used as they have a higher degree of accuracy.

Prismcups is ideal for people with diabetes, dieters, bio hackers and obese persons. Prismcups helps people lead a healthy life as it offers an easy and convenient way of drinking beverages. A cool smart cup is all that takes to a healthy life.

The Kickstarter campaign for the project aims to raise $20,000 to meet several aspects of the project.

About Prismcups:

Prismcups is a smart cup that is designed to calculate calories, sugar and caffeine of any beverage that the tumbler holds. It helps users manage their health better by letting them calculate their calorie intake according to the type of beverage.

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