40-year old science re-emerges on how to use diet to EAT CANCER TO DEATH

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Victory Over Cancer! Vol 1: How To Take Control And Live, by Joseph Marx

Pensacola, Florida, January 18, 2017: After years of living with chronic acid reflux, the author discovered he had a very deadly cancer. This book is a story about his insufferable journey with cancer and uncovers spectacular holistic remedies––that any patient can safely do at home––that are scientifically based––that can be combined with any cancer treatment program––and that can prolong life beyond anything conventional treatment can do, alone. Remarkably, this book exposes over 40 years of research, buried in obscure scientific studies that show cancer patients how to immediately attack their cancer, reverse its growth and even cure it, using a diet strategy that exploits little known metabolic abnormalities of cancer. It also reveals therapeutic levels of exercise and targeted natural substances that attack and contain cancer.

National TV: Pat Robertson’s CBN 700 Club will feature a video testimony of the Author on January 30, 2017.

Distribution: Amazon.com and all major retail booksellers, $16.95.

Author: Joseph Marx is currently a cancer researcher and writer. He has a B.A from George Washington University, and a M.S. from the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Center for Advanced Training in Engineering and Computer Science and an extensive background in technical research, writing and speaking.

Contact: C: 719-323-0742; Victoryovercancer.org; email: gethealed.jm@gmail.com PO Box 6567 Pensacola, FL 32503

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