3 New Business-related Interesting Websites in 2023

2023 is almost here and it’s going to be a very promising year for some business owners while others are going to flourish. It’s really hard to know which way it’s going to go, but the better you plan and get the right help the better your chances for success. 

It’s not easy to be a business owner – a lot of skills are required in order to manage and grow your business. But it’s also a skill to know when and what tasks you need to outsource and what are the current opportunities. In this article, I want to cover some interesting directions and ideas from businesses that renovated their website just before 2023, and then help you with your business. 

After Covid, the world seemed intent on compensating itself for the lockdowns and social distancing, and now everything crowd-related seems to be booming again—and it’s just getting trendier. If you are in the events business, then you probably felt it, especially in places like New York City. One of the venues-for-rent websites which is going to be renovated in 2023 is https://www.venuesnyc.com/, which you should check out by the end of January. The site plans to serve also venue owners who want to list their venue for rent. 

From their website: “Venues NYC provides a unique portfolio of venues and events managed by New York City’s most experienced and diversely skilled event professionals”.


Another process accelerated by the pandemic is everything digital marketing for your business. Business owners who didn’t already have a strong online digital presence suffered, whereas those who did flourished. But what is the best marketing channel for delivering the most qualified leads to your business? That would probably be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation); the reason is that if someone searches for a solution and finds your site on TOP of Google, then he/she will see your site as an authority that can help them with their need. 

As you probably guessed, the next renovated site I’ll mention is the new site of the SEO agency http://digiguidance.com/, which has helped countless business websites to rank on the top of Google.com and Google.co.il. The current version of the site is in Hebrew but their agency also serves international clients and that’s what makes them so unique. From their website: “Organic website promotion for small and medium businesses! We will help you reach top search results in Google, improve your organic traffic and strengthen your brand. Using a precise method, we have helped countless business websites since 2005”.


The final example of a renovated website that can help you boost your business is for a company that is truly innovative—they don’t just offer a business consulting service in which they build your business strategy and then let you implement it; rather, they take into consideration how hard it is to be a business owner. Hence, they offer you to outsource the role of CEO and help you with everything related to your business: finance, marketing, technology and much more. Their website is https://minufiski.com/. They currently work only with businesses in Israel but plan to work with businesses globally soon and help them flourish and succeed. 

From their website: “Business, financial advice and personal support for financial freedom in 5 years or less. We will help you run a profitable business and create for you multiple sources of income and a lifestyle of self-fulfilment”.

So what are your business plans for 2023? Maybe it’s time for you to renovate your website or, if you don’t have one, to build one. Just make sure you do it right and build it for success in Google with the right SEO plan.

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