18 Year Old Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur, Edward Shatverov Helps Others Achieve Financial Freedom With His Unique Marketing Skills.

Edward Shatverov, a 7-Figure E-Commerce Mentor, is known for his marketing skills and strategies. He has been launching innovative online startups for a few years now. Considered a visionary by peers and clients, Edward Shatverov’s strength displays his ability to see the big picture, identify gaps, and employ creative solutions to get businesses on track. His entrepreneurial spirit and result at such a young age are insanely rare.

The e-commerce industry has quadrupled in size since 2010, according to business data. Companies that have a website that is e-commerce enabled can reach consumers around the world that are ready to make a purchase. Some businesses could benefit from Edward Shatverov’s marketing skills and strategies that are proven to bring in more customers.

Edward Shatverov has built his own eCommerce empire by testing platforms, layouts, and traffic sources, and he is happy to have met remarkable success. He defines eCommerce as “the retailing of physical products online — in essence, a store that sells something that when someone buys it, it’s shipped to them in a box.”

Edward Shatverov has been trusted by brands, agencies, businesses, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement, results, and revenue through digital channels. Edward Shatverov doesn’t only help companies grow via eCommerce, he equips them with the tools needed to survive in an eCommerce digital landscape.

“Given the global reach of the Internet, it is important to bring the best-in-class Internet marketing to help businesses,” said Edward Shatverov. “My strategy is simple—to ask customers how I can help match their marketing strategy to their business goals; either growing sales, increasing efficiency for profitability. Then I tailor fit marketing solutions to meet and exceed their needs and expectations.”

For more information about Edward Shatverov, his personal story and his businesses, please visit edwardshatverov.com. You can also visit his Instagram page on https://www.instagram.com/edwardshatverov/.

About Edward Shatverov

Edward Shatverov is an American entrepreneur known for his marketing skills and strategies. Shatverov was born in Los Angeles, California. At age 15, Shatverov habitually started studying the marketing industry. At only age 18, he had accumulated millions of dollars in net revenue, which deems him under the category of one of the youngest millionaire entrepreneurs. Shatverov currently owns multiple online businesses and is striving to assist others in achieving financial freedom.

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