Zorpads is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Sporting Goods Stores Nationwide.

Zorpads are odor eliminating shoe inserts made from NASA-tested tech.
Zorpads, the groundbreaking company using NASA-tested space technology to defeat odor, announces its partnership with Mr. Checkout as a distributor to independent sport retailers across the United States.

Zorpads are a powerful new innovation solving humanity’s smelliest problems by eradicating stench-causing bacteria, right at the source. They are one-size-fits-all, super thin inserts that stick to the insole of any shoe. Despite their small size, Zorpads have the internal odor-absorbing surface area of a full tennis court and last up to 60 wears. In initial tests, 92% of users found Zorpads better than current solutions.

Co-founders Sierra Smith and Taylor Wiegele met in their first year at Harvard Business School. Leveraging their classmates as a community of beta-testers, the pair iterated upon feedback from the handmade samples they crafted using a heat sealer and dried baby wipes. After placing as a semi-finalist in Harvard’s New Venture Competition, the pair knew they had found a huge need and were determined to solve it.

While the co-founders come from varying backgrounds, their combined pre-Zorpads experience in leadership and technology has given them the tools essential to creating a useful and successful product.  

Sierra’s passion is rooted in scaling great ideas into even better businesses, first learning how a company builds and executes e-commerce sales during her time at the retail start-up, Plan de Ville. She also has experience working for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America as the director of strategy and chief of staff to the organization’s CEO. Sierra now leads Zorpads operations, legal, and finance. 

Completing the Zorpads duo, Taylor’s past involvements include working on the product team for Clorox, and at SpaceX as an engineer for its Dragon Space Capsule. The NASA-tested technology he worked with at SpaceX inspired him to realize it could be used for fighting stench and bacteria in places other than a spacecraft. Taylor leads product, brand, and design at the company.

Looking towards the future, the team hopes to launch several more products using advanced space technology. While originally created for shoes, Zorpads customers have applied the sticky, stench-blasting pads in gym bags, hockey gloves, shin guards, garbage cans, and more. This insert is just the first of a much larger pipeline of consumer goods to come from Zorpads.

Zorpads retail at $5 per pair and are available in packs of 1, 5, 10 or 25, with an option for subscription service. For more information, please visit Zorpads.com.

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