New Boat, Double Hull, Latest Technology

The small luxury hard-hull boat is our latest products. It is double hull and made from composite material with integrated molding die technology, which we used in our Jet Ski manufacturing. The technology of Integrated Molding Die (IMD) is a new innovation in making the hull of small boats. It is also a solution for different FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) material forming, it will not only be forming in high precision, but also reduce the effect to the environment, because the displacement of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) is reduced in maximum range.

This boat is with excellent hull form and outlook, smooth and corrosion resistance surface. It has features of lightweight, high strength, big floating power and good stability. The boat was used in finishing, leisure, lifesaving, fishery, flood fighting and many other water areas. The boat can be drive with paddle or outboard engine.


Chongqing Zongshen-selva Marine Co., Ltd, a joint venture company grouped Chongqing Zongshen Industrial Group and Italy Selva S.p.A., produces the 2-stroke and 4 stroke outboard engines, inflatable boats and electric outboard engines. (Chongqing Zongshen Group, one of the TOP 50 Chinese manufacturing giant, as a listed company and world famous motorcycles and engines manufacturer, cooperates with Italy PIAGGIO. We have overseas factories in Brazil, Vietnam, and Thailand etc. Meanwhile, the Zongshen motorcycle engines hold the dominant market share in the global market).

In the outboard engines field, Chongqing Zongshen Industrial Group cooperates with Italy Selva Marine comprehensively in terms of production, quality control and technology. Zongshen-selva Marine exports the outboards to more than 20 countries around the world. From our existing dealers and clients, Zongshen outboards are recognized as the best quality with very competitive prices in Chinese outboards industry.

New outboards of T4/5/6 have been released recently, so you have more choices now (2/3/4/5/6/8/9.9/15/18/25/30/35/40HP to 80HP). Hopefully, it will bring more value to you in 2014.

Meanwhile, on 8th March 2014, Zongshen-selva Marine launched its new designed outboard motor series ZST9.9, ZST15, ZST18HP which are more operational, attractive and streamlined than their previous bodies


For the existing users of Zonshen outboard motors, you may be surprised when you see this new shape. The newly designed T15 series are streamlined and eye-catching. Actually, this is what Zongshen-selva Marine has been doing to cater the customers taste and feelings since its founding.

Light weight

Though most external parts of the engines are re-designed, its body weights still remain the same as its predecessor, 31Kgs. The weight will be one of the biggest advantages compared with the counterparts in outboards market.

More portable

One plus must be addressed is that the new T15 series have a more comfortable carrying handle which will be convenient for users carry it home after having fun with it.

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