Zivro.com Enables Professionals to Make their Online Resume in Just 20 minutes

Kapnovate Technologies Pvt Ltd has announced the launch of their site “www.zivro.com” that can help graduates and professionals in creating their own website, effortlessly. Users of Zivro.com will no longer require a technological or design background to create a fully functional website.

At the launch of www.zivro.com, Karthik Krishnamoorthi, the co founder of Zivro commented: “We wanted to create a system that allows people to create their resume website with zero technical skills.” He added: “A Resume is often the first point of contact for people to communicate in many scenarios like a new job application, applying for a new contract, applying for a university… Having an online resume adds a new dimension in every such scenario.” Zivro has streamlined the website making process to make it quick and easy for users. Users have to pick a web template design from a large, growing template database and are then able to upload projects, pictures and other content they want to publish on their website. The simplified design of the entire process from registering to publishing a website takes as little as 20 minutes, allowing users to get online instantly.

The founder further said: “Many professionals and groups look to hire web developers to create websites but are unable to follow through due to high costs. Others may turn to templates only to be frustrated by complicated installations. Zivro simplifies the process of creating a resume website to an extent that absolutely anyone can create and update effortlessly.” He said: “A great feature of our website compared to competitors is that you can create a brand new layout in one simple click. With new designs being added regularly, you can upgrade your design to something that suits your needs. It also allows you to get the latest trends in website designs as and when they are created.”

The futuristic designs of the website created through Zivro.com will have all the modern necessities such as mobile optimized site which will also be social shares and are search engine optimized. Users will be able to add about, blog, project, degree, skill, experiences, certification and more pages to effectively showcase each of their strong points. In the near future Kapnovate Technologies Pvt Ltd plans on extending Zivro for other businesses.

About Zivro.com:

Zivro.com is a company that offers dynamic web for students, professionals and business without the need for technological or design knowledge.

For more information, please visit: http://www.zivro.com/

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