Zimbabwe’s first-ever virtual reality game, PLANET X: VR SPACE SHOOTER is now available for download on Google Play

PLANET X: VR SPACE SHOOTER is an African made virtual reality game that is now available for download on Google Play store. It is Zimbabwe’s first-ever virtual reality gaming app that offers the users an ultimate gaming experience which is beyond the regular 2D and 3D games available for smartphones and tablets. The game is basically a space combat simulator with enemies that use Kamikaze style attacks, time warps, radar jamming technologies, defensive shields and much more.

Planet X game is a virtual reality powered shooting game that allows the user to have an adventurous space experience, where they are surrounded by galaxies of stars and planets right before their eyes. It transports the user from their physical environment to a virtual reality which is thrilling and exciting. But that’s not all, the user will not only experience the mesmerizing space but also get totally involved in it through the challenging gameplay. In this new and exciting world, they’ll have to fight for their existence, shoot all the enemies and earn STAR points.

As a player in the game, the user can gaze around, tilt their VR headset to right or left to dodge the ships and pan left or right with their head through the visor. To select the desired secondary weapons from the weapons cache, the user can press the VR buttons through the headset. This game will test the user’s quick reflexes, intuition and alertness to conquer the various enemies, each of which will have different levels of defensive protection and aggressive attacking intelligence. The player’s goal will be to blow them up and save themselves from getting blown away!

The game features multiple levels with increasing difficulty. There are a variety of cool, powerful secondary weapons that can be unlocked by completing each level. It also comes with artificial day and night system from planets accompanied with breathtaking space environments enjoyed from a space viewpoint. In between the game, the players can also enjoy the realistic asteroid collisions. The user will have the option to adjust the game graphics within the game for faster rendering in case of any lag and quickly switch to Craft’s external camera mode from VR visor mode seamlessly.

The user can play in ramshackle cockpits and upgrade to luxurious and nicely textured combat spacecraft interiors. The developer of this game, being a die-hard fan of The Terminator movies has used its theme soundtrack in one of the missions in the game in an attempt to entice future project collaborations with Brad Fidel and Hans Zimmer. Planet X game supports the Google Cardboard VR and other types of headset. It is available for download at Google Play.

In case of any queries, drop a message to limmitlessinnovation@gmail.com.

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