ZEROBANK – The most feasible project in the remittance and money exchange industry utilizing the power of blockchain, smart contract and sharing economy

ZeroBank brings the world a breakthrough money transfer and exchange system which is the pioneer in utilizing the power of blockchain, smart contract technologies and sharing economy.

ZeroBank is an innovative money transfer and exchange platform that allows instant non-commercial peer-to-peer transactions globally. ZeroBank employs the currently flourishing technologies – blockchain and smart contract – along with the proven sharing economy model to remove the barriers in the traditional remittance and exchange systems, and make a breakthrough in the way people can send, receive, and exchange their money.

Via ZeroBank platform, money can be sent, received, and exchanged quickly, directly, at any time, anywhere in the world through a network of community agents. End-users will bear minimal fees since ZeroBank platform completely removes the interference of the centralized intermediaries like banks, or MTOs.  

Who can ZeroBank help?

According to the IMF and the World Bank, the cross-border remittance industry size was an estimated $600 billion in 2017. The World Travel and Tourism Council reported that the world international tourist arrivals in 2017 are approximately 1.3 billion people, with a total visitor exports of $1.4 trillion.

Among the remittance and exchange users who made up these numbers are over 250 million migrants, 5 million international students, those 1.3 billion international tourists, and more. Instead of bearing the current 5% to 10% transaction fees for remittance and up to 27% spread for currency exchange, these users will have a chance to cut the costs at least in half, saving tens of billions of dollars every year, using ZeroBank platform.

The launch of ZeroBank creates new job opportunities for any community members, including taxi drivers, tour guides, hotel receptionists, salesmen, students, etc. via the sharing economy model. Members in the ZeroBank ecosystem not only enjoy its smart service but also can use ZeroBank to earn extra income even without having to understand cryptocurrency or blockchain.

What makes ZeroBank the worthwhile investment comparing to other remittance projects?

Many blockchain-powered payment and remittance gateway projects claim to follow decentralized models, yet propose business processes wherein banking systems play some crucial role. This proposal is purely impractical since it brings all the drawbacks of the traditional centralized banking systems into the projects, not to mention the conflict of interest between these two models.

ZeroBank develops a truly decentralized model utilizing sharing economy, where the network of ZeroBank agents come into play instead of any centralized institutions. The agents are enabled to transfer value from one place/ one currency to another by the use of ZeroBank “money barter” tokens. The network of agents can expand very quickly based on the group of community workers in every market ZeroBank operates, which can apparently be anyone. Low costs due to true decentralization, and increased convenience thanks to the large network of service agents, are the two key differences that make ZeroBank the most feasible project in the remittance and money exchange industry.

The all-star team of ZeroBank

ZeroBank has complied a team of experienced specialists and senior business executives in the top money transfer and exchange institutions and in IT system architecture and management for top-tier banking and financial services.

CEO Kai Yee Goh is a senior executive in the field of money transfer and payment, having held business development and strategic roles in Transfast, United Financial Group, Paypal, Harte-Hanks and Western Union. Along with him, CTO Bao Ly Van is an expert IT architect in banking and financial services with extensive experience working as a consultant and architect for BNP Paribas Fortis (8th largest bank worldwide), AXA Investment Managers, and HSBC Global Banking and Markets.

Not to mention many other team members who are also prominent individuals in the fields, ZeroBank team makes another essential key to drive for success in building up this brand new model, which can disrupt the current money transfer and exchange service markets worldwide.

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