Zappl Announces Innovative new Censor Resistant Decentralized Micro-Blogging App on the way Utilizing the Steem Blockchain

Many want the chance to discuss the things they find important without having to worry about the increasingly heavy hand of censorship. Zappl is answering the call recently announcing they will soon launch a decentralized microblogging application that sits on top of the Steem Blockchain. Users will even be paid in the Steem cryptocurrency for their content.

August 18, 2017 – It’s difficult to avoid the news of one social media, blogging or micro-blogging platform or another making the decision to censor or silence some of their users – increasingly even ones with huge, dedicated followings.  Many believe this impacts freedom of expression in the worst of ways and increasingly moves the world in a more dangerous direction. 

Now for the good news – Zappl, a new decentralized micro-blogging application will be launching soon, accessible on the web, iOS and Android devices that will allow people to quickly give updates to their life and get some value back in doing so, without the worry of something they may say will set off the sensor alarms.  

Zappl is innovatively built on top of the Steem Blockchain combining both the Attention Economy and the Activity Economy, allowing and encouraging them to handshake each other for the benefit of their users and to help foster a sense of real community.  The Early excitement surrounding the project is high.

“We plan to deliver a product that will allow users to speak freely and get paid for their thoughts and life experiences,” commented a spokesperson from Zappl.  “The time is right for this kind of alternative to existing and it can deliver a huge amount of value in quite diverse areas.”

Zappl has released a number of Beta teasers showing the decentralized microblogging platform in action that has won it praise for its looks and aesthetics, which should be unfamiliar with people who have made other social or blogging sites an important part of how they interact with others.  The learning curve is expected to be low, with the big difference beyond the anonymity and lack of censorship being the financial incentive via Steem to share experiences of all kinds.  A high expectation surrounds this experiment being a successful one.

Examples of their promotional videos can be seen here and here.

Steem has been applauded in the cryptocurrency world for its being one of the few cryptocurrencies that do not charge fees to use.  It is connected in most people’s eyes with a Reddit-like platform, called Steemit, that has increased dramatically in popularity since its 2016 launch, where Zappl has a very active presence.

Future users are counting the days before they get the chance to explore Zappl themselves.

Michelle S., from Boston, recently said, “I don’t like censorship, nor is really invested in a social media platform where privacy doesn’t seem a big priority.  We need real alternatives that work well, are attractive and fun to use.  Zappl looks like it is going to have all of those grounds covered, I can’t wait to check it out.”

Expect more news from Zappl in the weeks and months to come.

Also if anyone is interested Zappl inc is looking for U.S. investor currently feel free to check that info out here:

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