Yvonne Burgamy Launches Campaign On Kickstarter For Funding The Online Video Game Project Aliens vs. Man

Yvonne Burgamy announces launch of fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for video game project Aliens vs. Man.

Yvonne Burgamy, a passionate gamer with many video games to her credit and the owner of Closeout Connection Corporation, has announced launch of campaign on Kickstarter for her newest project Aliens vs. Man. It is an online video game challenge that people of all age would find challenging.

“I am looking for funds to launch this project which is all about humans and aliens, says Yvonne Burgamy,” the creator of this exciting video game. “I have been interested in the paranormal and aliens right from my childhood days and have done lots of work and research on the subject. This video is about a subject that’s been a passion with me.”

Children love video games and if the subject involves spaceships and aliens, their level of interest and excitement goes up by several notches. Yvonne Burgamy has a finger on the pulse of her audience and knows what their likes and dislikes are. This project launched on Kickstarter is a simple video game created exclusively for fans of video games.

The video game by Yvonne Burgamy is designed to be simple but also ensures that excitement and interest levels are maintained for a long time. The video game that her team intends to build consists of shooting down alien spaceships that are raining down from the sky. These ships have to shot at and brought down so that aliens do not reach earth and human mankind is not taken over. There are control tools provided so that the players can aim accurately at the alien spaceships and shoot them down before they can reach the Earth and takeover mankind.

According to Yvonne Burgamy, there are a few risks and challenges that she will have to deal with while ensuring that the video game sees the light of day. The game will be designed for PC Android. The Aliens vs. Man video has one aim – to save our sacred Earth from alien invasion.

The Kickstarter campaign by Yvonne I attempting to raise $5000 for meeting various costs associated with the project. The funding target deadline is 14 September, 2017.

About Aliens vs. Man:

Aliens vs. Man is a project designed and developed by Yvonne Burgamy, founder of Closeout Connection Corporation. The online video game is about aliens invading the Earth. Players must shoot down the scores of alien spaceships that are raining down on Earth in an attempt to takeover mankind. Their attempts must be foiled to save mankind from falling into alien hands. The Kickstarter campaign by Yvonne is aiming to raise $5000 to fund the various stages and processes of the project. The online game will be launched on PC Android.

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