YouTube Bans One Of North America’s Top Marketing Blogger’s Account

YouTube unexpectedly terminated the account of well-known blogger Dan Brown (Dan Brown TV) without warning or explanation. Dan immediately posted a letter to YouTube through the “appeals process” asking for an explanation and a reactivation of the account.

Brown, known to his online followers from Dan Brown TV, has been providing the free marketing videos to his blog readers and YouTube viewers for the past year. He has amassed over 340 subscribers to his YouTube channel, with over 50 videos and over 150,000 video views, all helping his loyal tribe of his channel and Digital Marketing blog “digital marketing blog” make savvy decisions with their business for the last year.

It was a huge surprise to his community of loyal followers that YouTube suspended his account for violating community guidelines. Users were showing the following message when trying to view his video content: “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. sorry about that.” Dan’s YouTube channel has been providing marketing tips, tricks, and helpful reviews for a year and YouTube failed to explain which community guideline he violated. His followers are equally confused as to why his account was shut down.

Dan Brown from Dan Brown TV has commented to YouTube saying, “With so much spam and garbage out there online, I took careful attention to respect YouTube’s community, follow the guidelines and upload my best material. All I wanted to do is help as many people implement more effective marketing.” He states, “There wasn’t even an explanation from YouTube… If YouTube let me know what I did wrong, I certainly would have fixed it immediately.”

Unfortunately Dan is not alone, with other well known bloggers Darren Rowse from Problogger, and Scott Colby, from suffering similar fates and having their accounts terminated. “I’m stunned having built a great reputation with the YouTube community,” Dan commented in his letter to YouTube. He states “YouTube appears to have made a big mistake overlooking their “3 strikes and you’re out” as stated in their community guidelines.”

Although Google spokesperson did not respond immediately when Darren and Scott’s accounts were terminated, YouTube did acknowledge it made “the wrong call” when it suspend Rowes’ account.

“With the volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call,* a spokesperson for the online video giant’s owner Google said. “When it’s brought to our attention that a video or account has been mistakenly removed or suspended, we act quickly to reinstate it.” Source:

Rowse and Colby have both had their YouTube accounts reactivated and hope that their issues with their YouTube accounts brought some attention to how YouTube handles these potential issues in the future. Read: Rowse’s open letter to YouTube

Dan Brown’s account still remains inactive. He’s had almost many followers come to his website and post comments in support confused as to why Dan’s Live Google Hangouts are unavailable. Dan and his followers would be absolutely delighted with a reactivation of his account, but still no word from Google. Let’s see if Google’s YouTube really does listen.

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