‘YOURS’, the revolutionary decentralized app marketplace aims to create a healthy blockchain ecosystem

Imagine a safe place where your hard work of developing and producing an application can be published and go on to fully function without the interruptions of a third party “middleman” managing all of the information. Recently, a new model for creating and publishing large applications, with the use of blockchain technology, has been on the rise. With the help of already existing features provided by Bitcoin, ETH, EOS – cryptographically stored ledger, scarce-asset model, and peer-to-peer technology – the creation of decentralized applications, or DApps, has been possible and effective.

While still a relatively new concept, DApps are just now becoming known to the world. However, it is expected that they will soon become more popular than the most used application models that are already in existence. With the help of technology – through television applications, cellphones, and tablets – millions of apps are readily and easily available at most people’s fingertips. However, they are centralized – meaning all of the units are dependent on one central power to send and receive the information to be used. Applications such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon use this model, at times creating slow usage speeds and application glitches – overall frustration for the billions of users. With the use of the newfound decentralized model, no one party is controlling the information from applications, allowing them to operate in a more flexible, transparent, and resilient way. Ultimately, this allows for a more user-friendly experience all around.

A decentralized app (DApp) can be better understood by the use of blockchain technology. This method, a growing list of records that are linked together and distributed between two parties effectively, has only been around for the last decade but has quickly proven its worth and efficiency.

YOURS, an up-and-coming decentralized app marketplace, aims to create a healthy “blockchain ecosystem” while providing a platform for DApp developers to display their work, all at no cost to the developer. The team is fully equipped to handle the needs of all new application developers from start to finish. The start-up business is made up of the best members of well-known internet companies who understand the blockchain technology method thoroughly. Armed with the very best knowledge and capabilities, the YOURS team has proven successful thus far. Not only does YOURS DApp Marketplace allow developers to submit their new DApps for review by these trained members, but the DApp store is already stocked with applications that have previously been reviewed and have met all of the requirements, ready to be used. Many DApp developers are currently involved with the YOURS company or have been in the past, for a variety of reasons. When compared to competitors, YOURS DApp Marketplace stands out significantly, and not just for their well-known internet team members.

First, there is no fee for developers to use any of the services. It is a free space to create new applications and submit the freshlyfashionedDApp for review by filling out a detailed information form about the new application.

Second, the qualified team members at YOURS spend the time reviewing the DApp in detail, allowing for quality feedback that is timely. Ultimately, the members determine if the DApp meets the requests for publication. Whether the proposed DApp meets the requirements or not, YOURS is guaranteed to be back in contact with developers to offer free feedback.

Lastly, the YOURS company has recently been approved for an incentive program that allows professional developers to receive rewards in the form of points for their use of the YOURSDApp marketplace when developing new applications. The new addition of the wallet for YOURS will be completed in Q4 2018, allowing developers to use their reward tokens and turn them into cash rewards.

YOURS has continued to make dramatic strides throughout 2018, shaping a vision for a fruitful future. Over 100 DApps have successfully joined the up-and-coming platform in 2018, and new programs have been completed, to include the aforementioned Platform’s Developer Incentive Reward Program for professional developers. High hopes are in store for the new year as the YOURS team continues to improve ways to better serve future DApp developers moving forward.

Currently, the user-friendly marketplace has a successfully functioning DApp store in place with applications similar to those already in use by centralized developers. DApps like Viewly (similar to YouTube), Fundition(a Kickstarter or GoFundMe equivalent), and Brave (a safer, faster, and better web-browsing system) are all readily available for users to try. Additionally, YOURS DApp store hosts a variety of games, trending DApps, business-related applications, DApps for life, and a handful of social networking applications similar to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like.

Thanks to the flexible, transparent, and incentivized structure of YOURS DApp Marketplace, many developers have already chosen to take advantage of hosting their decentralized applications with YOURS company. Because of this, there is something for everyone already available in the DApp store for users to experiment with. It is possible that in the near future, application users may ultimately replace the usage of centralized applications with decentralized ones, once they realize that DApps meet all of the same expectations with a few extra perks.

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