Young Soda Launches Mix Tape, to Deliver 1 LIFE 2 LIVE with Bigga Rankin

March 26th, 2018 – The Gangasta rapper Young Soda is out with his new and anticipated mix CD, with the official launch taking place on March 6. The American rapper will deliver 1 LIFE 2 LIVE at an event hosted by the music industry’s celebrated and recognized mogul, Bigga Rankin. Another good news follows the new launch, with Blaktop Worldwide becoming the official label for Young Soda, and fans all over the world can now wait with bated breath on what’s more to come with this massive collaboration between talent and big business.

Young Soda (Joel Adarius Hill) is an indie artist who earned fame as a Gangsta rapper, a hardcore hip-hop style. He has now moved into a new genre, making extensive use of rapping and singing talent to connect with the listeners at a personal level, narrating his life stories and journey. Today, Young Soda is creating a buzz across the mid-west and southern regions though social media and online platforms.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Young Soda is a multi-talented artist as a singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. He is respected for his collaborative attitude on stage, a strong discipline and work ethic, and resilience in keeping up to his promise through grind, growth and evolution.

Young Soda is no doubt a resilient story teller, and his vibrant and relatable musical content speaks for itself, captivating the crowds in no time. He is a crowd pleaser, a blend of many talents, and has collaborated with artists such as YG, Lil Scrappy, Kirko Kobangz and others.

Currently based in Atlanta, GA, Young Soda is the new leading voice of hip-hop that cannot be ignored. His music carries the requisite passion, grit and determination, inspired by his personal journey and artists such as Jay Z, T.I. and Andre 3000.

The year 2018 is a fresh ground for Young Soda, whose hunger for success is now at its peak. Music for him is not merely entertainment, but also a personal escape from the trials and tribulations of life, all brought forth in his works within his cherished culture. Young Soda remains loyal to his family and friends, and is now growing his brand and music through Blaktop Worldwide on levels higher than ever. Young Soda is on a grind, and is the artist to watch out this year and the coming future.

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