Young Authors Release the First of Their Three Book Series – Ignition.

Young and talented authors, Andrew Smith and Brooke Estrada, announce the release of the first of their Luminescent Calling book series titled Ignition

Andrew Smith and Brooke Estrada are two young and talented authors that recently started Luminescent Calling, a captivating 3 book series that will intrigue every reader regardless of their age or preference. The first of the book series, titled, Ignition has been released and is currently available on Amazon for the global audience, as well as at a few local book retailers.

It is sometimes almost difficult to find a book that seems to have it all wrapped, captivating readers from the first page to the very last. The global reading culture seems to have declined in recent times, particularly when it comes to reading novels and other such publications. However, while the advent of the internet and the social media has been largely blamed for the significant decline in the reading culture, the somewhat lack of captivating and intriguing literature also contributes to the decline. However, Andrew Smith and Brooke Estrada seem to be changing the game with their book series – Luminescent Calling.

Ignition centers on the story of a particular Bret Pine and his troubling discovery in the woods, which is best kept to himself to avoid being labeled insane. The book basically talks about the legend of Light Guardians and how Bret and Ashley are dragged into a war that they never knew existed. Ignition is particularly unique for the style of delivery and captivating storyline that will ensure that readers do not blink till they read the last word of the book.

“Bret Pine sees something in the woods that leaves him very troubled. He’s not sure he can even talk about it without being labeled as crazy. When the disappearance of a family of four from Europe draws national media attention, some people in town want to point fingers.”

Ignition is currently available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, and will be made available on Audible in the fall of 2018. The book is also available at a few local retailers including PJ Boox, Sandman Book Company, Cool Comics and Games and Sunflower Discount market.

More information about the Luminescent Calling book series can be found on the website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About the Authors

Andrew Smith is a 31-year old writer that decided to follow his passion and dream of becoming a writer, igniting his creative side with the hope of writing many books in the future, while also inspiring others to pursue their passions and chase their dreams.

Brooke Estrada is the other half of the duo and the 15-year old is already inspiring lives at a young age with the release of the Luminescent Calling book series. Her inspiration for reading and writing began with Harry Potter and she has gone ahead to bring her dream to reality with the release of her debut book.

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