Yohann Libot presents The Permanent Collection

Yohann Libot, also known as the ‘Gypsy Photographer’ due to his free-spirited nature and travel inspired photography style has launched The Permanent Collection featuring his 30 best photographs for this year. He has displayed the photographs on his official website for both exhibition and sale purposes. All the photographs are printed on high-quality photo paper in various formats ranging up to 112×168, exclusively in his England based laboratory.

Only 30 copies will be taken and sold for each photo to maintain the exclusivity and rare nature of each piece. The collection features pictures of great personalities, unique landscapes, the real people from different cultures and places that he clicked during his travels. All the pictures are original, carefully selected and unique that may attract a wide range of photography lovers. The permanent collection of 30 photographs is available through the year and is all set to find their way through the different interiors.

Take a look: http://yohannlibot.com/pages/prints/

Yohann Libot an internationally published photographer who travels the world to photograph people, icons, culture, celebrations, lifestyle, and places that make each country unique.  His photographs have gained international recognition and have been used worldwide for commercial and editorial purposes. They have been published in various popular magazines, newspapers, brochures, advertisements, textbooks and travel guidebooks.

Some of the assignments that Yohann has successfully completed include in the fields of travel, city guidebooks, travel magazines, tourism boards, music & sports festivals and portraits among others. He has served a variety of clients including Visceral Tattoo, Sauvage, Osheaga, Kurt and Larry, Linkke Ink and Sully Sefil. Apart from photography, Yohann also has interests in skateboarding, tattoo, cryptocurrency trading and investing in startups.

Just like any good picture, Yohann’s photographs are artistically clicked at just the right time and the right angle. Every photograph holds a story, of his experiences while traveling, meeting new people, discovering new places and getting in touch with the true culture of a country.

Yohann also invites contributions via Patreon (http://patreon.com/yohannlibot) from anyone who likes and wants to support his work.

More information about Yohann and his work can be found at http://yohannlibot.com.

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