X Containers Reveals: Next-Generation Shipping & Storage Containers

Last week, XContainers revealed a design to become the world’s strongest shipping containers.  This week, they’ve got the test results to prove it. The container proved to be 3-5 times stronger than standard shipping containers, not to mention a host of other great benefits.

TheisTecton is the superstar material behind this game changing design.  It turns out that the Tecton coating application used on the traditional shipping containers is both lighter and stronger than steel.  The unique material offers further desirable qualities in terms of waterproofing, rust-resistance, blast-resistance, bullet-resistance, and durability, thereby making them more resilient to the demand of the shipping container lifecycle.

Reportedly, thesecargo shipping containers are being purchased by regular people and organizations alike, for use as storm shelters, underground bunkers, secure storage, blast resistant modules, and even border patrol security safe houses. “We set out to build a better shipping container,” said C.E.O. Lock McKinnon.  “We wanted to deliver a superior and cost-effective optionfor the shipping-insurance industry, that would protect high-end cargo from port to destination, and ultimately lower insurance premiums for customers based on the additional safeguards and features.  What we could not have anticipated was the widespread and multi-use demand we have encountered for our products,” said C.E.O. Lock McKinnon.

Word travels fast, and aspreppersand survivalists began learning about the strength and waterproofing abilities of the material, many started asking questions.  “People wanted to know if they could bury the containers underground, or into a gentle slope as a disaster shelter, so naturally we had to find out,” said Lock.

Shipping container testing was recently performed in Long Beach, California.  The material tests demonstrated superior sheer strength, and even bent the 1” steel plate that was part of the stress-testing equipment.  The modified containers showed zero signs of stress, even up to 168,000 pounds of crush force.

The Tecton material used in the shipping containers is a proven technology utilized for many years, in the many of the world’s harshest environments. Tecton has already solved engineering challenges in numerous industries like Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Construction, Body Armor, Personal Protection, High Performance Racing, and Military Vehicles.

The materials are a 100% solids, elastomeric, two-component spray, and applied aromatic formula.Coatings can be customized for texture, non-stick surfaces, rigid applications, or Flexible requirements. Tecton can provide protection against outside agents, while waterproofing the container, andremaining characteristics of non-reactivity to harsh chemicals. The material isAbrasion Resistant, Rust Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, and it holds up well to Electrolysis& Ionization.

Tecton increases overall structural integrity and it can be manufacturedin any color, including clear and opaque, while retaining properties of color stability. Tecton is resistant to degradation with Oil, Fuels or other contaminants. Curing in 3-10 Seconds at the specified thickness while meeting USDA Criteria, Tecton offers excellent thermal stability.

For an advanced material technology that is cost effective, and has the capability to outperform all other coatings, please visit, http://xcontainers.com/shipping-storage-containers/

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