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www.alchemaicalelixirs.com is helping millions in increasing psychic ability and creating health, longevity and joy among others. The company sells Ormus, Monotonic gold to customers from across the globe.

www.alchemaicalelixirs.com, an Australia based company is helping millions of people from across the globe buy Ormus, Monoatomic gold at affordable prices along with complementary deals. The company is providing Ormus lotion as well. According to the sources, the Ormus gold as offered by the company was created on November 7, 2014, a full moon night, using organic protocols on a mountain in southern coast region. A master Alchemist has prepared the same.

Each bottle is of 740 ml (25 FL.OZs) and one can consume 5 to 50 ml per day. Sources confirmed that Alchemy is an ancient practice that is still present. Some of the cultures that practiced alchemy includes Sumerians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, early Asian Races, Arabians, Romanians and Grecians. The same is meant to transform the base into pure. The product is helpful in increasing Physic ability, and creating health, longevity and joy among others.

The company is offering a 740 ml bottle of Ormus gold for AUD 85. Those who buy 4 together get 5th free. In addition, buying 8 bottles entitles one to get 2 complementary bottles and ordering 8 entitles the buyer to get 3 additional free.

The company ships in to US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Orders within Australia are delivered in 3 business days. Buyers can make a payment using PayPal, credit card or debit card via a secured payment gateway. The company is also offering free shipping.

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