Worldwide Animation Project 2018 set to Launch on Kickstarter, will Facilitate Creation and Distribution of High Quality Animation

May 17, 2018 – We are living in the age where videos and animated content is fast scoring over other forms of content consumption. Animation is the moving force behind many online success stories, and is a critical aspect of marketing for businesses and creative projects alike. For the first time, a new platform, the Worldwide Animation Project 2018, will offer opportunities for the entire ecosystem of animation to grow and evolve this art form to its new heights.

Worldwide Animation Project 2018 will launch on Kickstarter on May 20, 2018, and aims to create a platform where animations from around the world can be found or distributed worldwide. Whether animated shows or movies, the platform will feature high quality, legal and conveniently accessible animated content.

With a ready for distribution platform available, the project aims to achieve its second goal – to allow more high quality content to be made around the world. The audience from various countries can not only watch these shows and content, but also encourage more such content to be produced in their own countries and the world at large.

Many talented animators spread across the world miss out on opportunities to showcase their work. The Project will cater to them as well, inspiring and allowing more creative expression to be made with tools and facilities.

We are creating a platform for global animators of all ages and nationalities. Worldwide Animation Project 2018 is where animators, their creations and the audience will come together unlike any other place,” says Gregory Stavrakas, Founder, Worldwide Animation Project 2018.

Worldwide Animation Project 2018 welcomes all creative animators, fans and customers, as well as investors and funders to join its Kickstarter campaign, which aims to raise $125,000 to bring the platform to reality.

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