World’s Most Smart Glasses are Now Seeking Support via Indiegogo!

Now Seeking Community Support on Indiegogo, the Discovery Smart Glasses have the Most Unique Features ever Introduced in the Smart Glasses!

Discovery Smart Glasses are the world’s most smart glasses that have several amazing features and benefits. These are projection glasses made in Taiwan and they are equipped with technologically advanced as well as sophisticated features such as smart voice assistant, jet-jet palm smart cinema, hidden HD camera and much more. They make discovering things easier than ever and are unlike any other smart glasses made to date.

Other features of these amazing smart glasses include a voice pad, built in digital microphone, touch pad, arm cortex, 500mAh Lithium polymer battery and much more. These glasses are expected to become a major sensation in the 21st century world and the creators are now relying on the community to back this excellent project that defines the technological advancements achieved by mankind and takes innovation to the next level.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from all around the world can back this project by making their pledges and contributions. From $159 to $309, supporters can back this project to get their own pair on special discounts.

About Discovery Smart Glasses

Discovery Smart Glasses are the most technologically advanced glasses made in Taiwan to redefine the concept of smart glasses around the world. The creators have made these flawless and amazing glasses with great abilities, surpassing any other smart glasses ever made. The company is now seeking community support on Indiegogo and it is welcoming everyone to back and support this project to get these glasses as a reward for helping.

Media Contact
Company Name: Taiwan Rich Success Tech LTD
Contact Person: Chu Lui
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Phone: (886)901034440
City: Taipei
State: Daan District
Country: Taiwan