World Renowned Psychic Teaches How To Develop Psychic Abilities in Upcoming Book

An article published in Forbes in November 2011 described a large survey of 30,000 employees around the globe and found that between “28-56% expressed a desire to leave their jobs.” Another article in Forbes expressed that “interest at work” made employees the happiest, while fear of job loss is what dissatisfied workers the most.

Psychic Medium, Michelle Beltran, has the solution for dissatisfaction in any area of an individual’s life through her upcoming book, Take the Leap: You Were Born Psychic. Beltran connects with people around the globe seeking psychic services. Individuals contact her for connection with loved ones in the afterlife, but also for guidance in career, business, love, and teaches psychic development for beginners.

Frustrated with the failings of traditional job offerings and the economy, people seek to engage the spirit world on a quest for increased job satisfaction, decision-making, and a better quality of life. In the realm of the unseen, individuals can connect with their best life vision. Take the Leap: You Were Born Psychic offers readers the tools to develop their psychic abilities and respond to life’s challenges with clarity and relaxed confidence.

Beltran said, “The development of psychic abilities helps readers use their psychic senses in any area of life. Readers will learn how to develop their gifts and tap into the Spirit World for guidance in love, career, business, money issues, and other lifestyle changes.”

Part memoir of a world-renowned authentic psychic medium, part practical guide to discovering your innate psychic abilities, Take the Leap: You Were Born Psychic is a timely book about the incredible powers of the mind. Mixing candid anecdote from a trained medium with detailed descriptions of practical tools that anyone can learn, this book guides readers toward a better understanding of their psychic development. This book will help readers connect to a deeper knowing that already resides within them and is readily available to guide their spiritual path.

“Beltran’s debut is part autobiography and part guide to developing psychic abilities. This is a guide for the curious, offering many potential ways for readers to discover their own psychic powers…Many readers may be skeptical that mere intuition can provide useful extrasensory information, especially when applied to contacting spirits. But for those who are already convinced of the reality of psychic abilities, Beltran’s toolbox could provide a valuable entry point into the psychic world. An earnest book that may lead some readers to begin their own psychic practices.” – Kirkus Reviews

From guidance for the reader’s soul purpose, to everyday worldly decisions, Take the Leap: You Were Born Psychic is a developing psychic abilities book that offers spiritual tools to seekers who want to discover their intuition and claim their psychic abilities.

Formally trained at the Chico Psychic Institute and the Psychic Institute in Reno, Nevada, the author has received extensive psychic instruction. After attending the Mystic Shift Mediumship Program under esteemed psychic Michele Fletcher, the author went on to receive remote viewing education under the tutelage of Dr. Paul H. Smith. Take the Leap: You Were Born Psychic is scheduled for release in December 2014. Visit the pre-order book page for more information.

About Readings With Michelle, LLC™

A natural born intuitive and a second-generation psychic, Michelle has formal training in psychic reading through the Chico Psychic Institute and Reno Psychic Institute. She completed intense Mediumship schooling under the guidance of well known medium, Michele Fletcher, and is also a graduate of Mystic Shift Mediumship Program.

Michelle has a wonderful ability to see beyond the chaos and unravel the best ‘next-step’ for you. She is lauded for her accuracy and her ability to tune-in to your situation and provides direction for your highest good. Her sessions are unique in that they not only provide guidance, but also teach you to stand in your own power and access your higher knowing and intuitive gifts at any moment you desire. Whether you are overcoming a relationship or a career change, making a new business decision, or seeking advice regarding what’s next in life for you, Michelle’s clairsentient powers and gracious approach will see you there.

As a member of the team at, Michelle uses her gifts to locate missing adults and children. She is a contributor to five spiritual magazines: E-Spirituality, The Advisor, Conscious Life News, FinerMinds and OM Times Magazine. Visit for more information and to sign up for a complimentary meditation mp3 series to open your Clairabilities.

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