World of Diverse Unveils 1st Annual Y.E.A.H! Camp – An Exceptional, Enriching and Life Changing Youth Event

Springfield, MA – July 6, 2018 – World of Diverse announces their action-packed youth program titled, Y.E.A.H! (Youth Empowered Awakened Healthy!), to enrich the lives of the Youth helping them excel, find their purpose, and live to their fullest potential in mind, body & spirit by staying mentally, physically and spiritually fit. Joining to host this full day event will be 2x All Pro, Retired NFL Veteran Le’Ron McClain (fullback for the Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers and alumni player of University of Alabama), as well as many other community and motivational speakers TBA. This event will take place at Springfield Central High School on Saturday, August 11, 2018, starting at 8:30 AM and ending at 4:30 PM. Early registration for Y.E.A.H! is now open!

We are proud supporters of a plant-based lifestyle, which is also recommended by the American Cancer Society, World Health Organization and many more, so we will keep the youth energized and happy by providing a healthy vegan breakfast, lunch and snacks during the event as well as educate them in nutrition, benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and healthy eating habits”, says Kyanna Bosworth, World Of Diverse Founder/CEO. “Being from Springfield, MA I wanted to give back to my community, share my experiences and my network with the city to bring something life changing to the community…especially the youth.”

Y.E.A.H! guarantees educating tips that would help them excel, guidance towards purpose discovery, physical fitness and insightful talk of wisdom that would help them achieve their ambition to live to fulfill destiny in mind, body & spirit. Y.E.A.H!will feature two group panel discussions (Girlhood to Womanhood &  Boyhood to Manhood), finance/investing, physical activities and the main two group workshops they will choose – Improv or Football camp (hosted by Le’Ron McClain, flag football style, drills and workouts like the NFL).

Acting is a child’s prerogative. Children are born to Act.” – Joanne Woodward

Improv is not just a benefit for actors but everyone! There have been hundreds of improv workshops for non-actors, from high school to universities to the corporate and legal sectors, that give tools to help one communicate more confidently and clearly. Improv has so many benefits that anyone can use in life to help you become more successful. Listed are some of the tools and benefits of our Improv activities: enhances academic performance, improves critical thinking, communication, boosts confidence, make new friends, team building, conflict resolution, spontaneity and inherent the thrill of the completion of an exercise/challenge causing them to strive harder to achieve mass success.

Y.E.A.H! designates registration proceeds, contributions and vendor spots for fundraising goal/expenses and to add more workshops to the program for the upcoming years.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the sponsoring partners please call or email for more information. They are also looking for partnership with community organizations in Western Massachusetts area to support the Youth in Academics, Arts, Spirituality, and Wellness.

To grace the event, World of Diverse is, therefore, looking for dedicated and committed volunteers to assist in providing excellent services (coaches & general volunteers).

To register for the event go to:


World Of Diverse is a non-profit corporation, organized exclusively for public interest and charitable purpose, that is not yet recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Their mission is to engage, inform & empower communities by diversely unifying people globally through the world of arts, culture, wellness, spirituality, and philanthropy.

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