Wondrous Outstanding Worth Welcome to The Book of WOW!

How to Blow Away Your Clients and Everyone Else in Your Life!

Absorbing new self improvement title plots the pathway to professional and personal happiness, and it all starts with you. 

‘The Book of WOW’, a hotly anticipated new book which tackles the obstacles to success in life, has been officially launched.


Written by author and digital entrepreneur Ash Walani, the tome has been lauded for its ability to transform mediocrity into excellence. It is an engaging and inspirational book which sets out to show readers the way to their Wondrous Outstanding Worth – or ‘WOW’. 

It is anticipated that ‘The Book of WOW’ will set itself apart from the self improvement titles that have preceded it, thanks to its description of a pioneering process to find success in both careers and personal lives. ‘The Book of Wow’ does away with the wishful thinking employed by many ‘secrets of success’ books, and offers an important dose of realism – it all begins with ‘the self’.

‘The Book of Wow’ encourages its audience to use the principles of WOW to enrich and empower their lives, by utilising the techniques and principles inside the book to create a ‘life of WOW’. The book emboldens readers with the determination that they can create the life that they want, and this starts with learning about the power of WOW in their life. 

Authors Ash Walani and Raymond Aaron uses ‘The Book of WOW’ to pass on the benefits to you the knowledge they have amassed down the path of their own careers. Ash Walani is the founder of the successful AW Creative Media brand which is a major player in Canada’s print and design market. Walani also lifts the lid on some of the learnings which have helped him in his personal life. Raymond Aaron is a renowned Success Coach and has shared his vision and wisdom for over 20 years on many radio and television programs.

Among the early converts to the ‘way of WOW’ is Dawn Ashford, the noted professional communicator, speaker and writer. She said of Walani: “Ash Walani is a creative talent like no other. Of his many artistic talents and successes – graphic design, painting, fashion design – it is his innate care and commitment to clients that led to his wild success as the implementer of WOW. Selfless service comes naturally to Ash. It is the feather in his cap which he generously shares to help us all serve one another with the greatest kindness. Ash and his approach can make us all better and can elevate any business above and beyond any competitor!”

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