Women Entrepreneurs Publish Anthology to Benefit Life Skills House

13 women from all sorts of backgrounds came together to encourage women to strive for their goals despite fear, challenges, and rejection.

The unique challenges women face in life and in the workplace have made it difficult to fill those top-tier positions. Despite consistent setbacks, it has provided the opportunity for women to come together, share their secrets, and encourage each other like never seen before. The newest anthology, ‘You Can!’, is the best example of this. ‘You Can!’ combines the stories of Sharice Styles, Christian Stewart, Erin Jones, Verna Koleosho-Johnson, Illest Tekiner, Nicole Herring, Vicky Valdes, Jamie Nicole, Dlang Ferguson, Martha Auriemma, Samantha Holsomback, Kristen Giovinazzo and Angel Santos. Business Coach and owner of Grow My Brand (growmybrand.org) oversaw the project which shares stories and lessons of 13 women who have experienced situations in their life where it felt easy to turn back, but they persisted.

Ferguson, a fashion designer who challenged her own skills on one of the biggest days of her life tells you how she pushed through and grew from her experience. It includes the story of Stewart, who did not buy the lie that debt is part of life and learned how to control her money, paid off over $30,000 of debt in 2 years and is now a personal finance expert.

Their stories will lift your heart and remind you of why it is important to go after what you want in life. ‘You Can!’ is a testimony to showing women everywhere what you are really capable of. It may take hard work, risk, prayer, or encouraging words from a friend, but it is always within us.

‘You Can!’ will be available for purchase now on Amazon. 100% of proceeds received from all Amazon purchases of the You Can book will be donated to the Life Skills House in Pearland, Texas.

About Life Skills House

Life Skills House was founded as a Texas not for profit 501(c)(3) organization. They provide transitional housing and Christian based life skills training for up to two years for multicultural young women, including but not limited to, those who were victims of human trafficking, those who are pregnant and single mothers from economically challenged backgrounds, ages 15-25, who are serious about breaking free from a lifestyle of impoverishment. They offer assistance to young women as they move from dependent, often abusive relationships, into independent self-sufficient lifestyles.

Additionally, they provide housing for the young children of the mothers residing at the facility.

About The Publisher, Grow My Brand

Grow My Brand offers one-on-one and group coaching programs to provide the level of support and strategy you need to reach your next level of business. We help you put systems and strategies in place so that you can focus more on working on your business than in it.

For interviews or more information on the book project, contact Kaleigh Cauble at admin@growmybrand.org

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