Woman Once Filled with Fear and Contraction Becomes Global Traveler Seeking Psychological Cliffs to Jump

Grande Prairie, Alberta, CA – Angela Ditch has a little voice in her head that lead her on a journey of self-realization. From a woman filled with fear and contraction to a global traveler seeking the next psychological cliff to jump, she learns to literally get inside her body and be comfortable in her own skin.

From esoteric experiences of brain training, Kundalini activations, plant medicine, breath work, yoga, medical intuitive training, sexual healing and more, the complete 3-book Body Ascension Series shares a wide array of tools and techniques that bring true self into the body to interface with and express through our physical avatar forms.

Book One, Avatar Anatomy is her journey into the body as she learns to recognize the guidance of her true divine self, following it blindly as it leads her to open the energy pathways to fully embody her true essence. Once in the body, the realms of the subtle energetic world opened to her perceptions while notions of needing to fix herself fell by the wayside and a deeper understanding of truth and love was remembered. Available now on Amazon.com.

Upcoming Book Two, Waking the Goddess, likely to release in late fall 2014, is her exploration of the Shakti energy for connection and creation. The Shakti is the powerful creative and sexual energy that can be circulated within one’s own body and shared with another. When honored in a sacred and conscious way, one may channel it toward positive healing and manifestation. This leg of her journey opens her to energetically merging with all souls to the depth and intensity called for in the moment. Whether through teaching a practice, sharing a conversation or merging intimately, she learns to get fully naked in her authenticity and expression by facing the ultimate fear of vulnerability, peeling more and more layers of limiting belief patterns away and inviting all those around her to do the same.

Finally, Book Three, The New OS, will cover Angela’s understanding of the times we are in. Beginning with downloads she received at the time of the 2012 shift in Sedona, AZ, she shares the details of a whole new operating system for the mind, its process of unpacking and installing, and the inspiring forecast of what it means in where we are heading. Like crossing through the event horizon of a black hole, we are moving from a world of duality to a space of unity. Angela documents the experience of her own mind as it grasps to understand its place in this new dimension, finding immense peace and unwavering faith.

Often people seek to raise the consciousness by moving beyond the body in the higher realms and frequencies. But in reality we are ascending within the body, bridging heaven and earth through the channels of our spines. Body Ascension explores the mechanics and implications of this amazing time we live in and seeks to inspire all souls to open their bodies and channel their true selves.

One reader summed it up: Avatar Anatomy starts with a bang, with an eerie-cool retelling of a traumatic event. This event is the spark for big changes to come. Much of the book then reads like a fun text book about Yoga and related modalities, as Angela takes us on her journey of learning and teaches us so much along the way. Then it gets really exciting as she passionately relives her amazing adventures from exotic locations around the world, meeting tuned-in people and sharing life altering connections with us. Kind of like ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ but more real and achievable for us mere mortals. It all ties in with a firm grounding effect when Angela talks about small city Grande Prairie, Alberta as home base and her roots.

“I learned a lot from this gem; about what’s available out there for any of us, by simply checking out a local Yoga class for starters and seeing where it might lead. A deeper understand of ourselves is always the first step in growing, and Angela offers great insight into where we can look. I can’t wait for Books 2 & 3!” ~ Dave D.

The project will reach a crescendo when Ms. Ditch launches it on Amazon on May 7. Read more at http://avataranatomy.homestead.com

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